WOW Power Players is here!

Discover easy secrets to WOW people and increase your real estate business today! Guaranteed!

WOW Power Players is a community of Real Estate Professionals who are ready to WOW

  1. People
  2. Their business
  3. Themselves.

WOW Power Players was created and developed by Jessica Peters on when she realized

Real Estate Agents did not know how to:

  1. WOW people
  2. Grow their business.
  3. Stop being a hamster on a wheel.

WOW Power Players is a movement, a revolution of Real Estate Agents who are coming together to make a difference in their communities. They are ready to WOW people, grow their business and have a WOW life themselves. They knowthe power of having someone say WOW with a BIG SMILE. It will enrich your life and the person saying WOW. It builds stronger communities and relationships globally!

Every day when Jessica wakes up and her two feet hit the floor she is on a mission to positively WOW at least one person. She developed and created a simple system for real estate agents on her team nationwide to utilize. If Jessica and her team can do it you can too!

It breaks Jessica’s heart to see so many Real Estate Agents who:

  1. Have a big purpose to serve but feel like a hamster on a wheel
  2. Are unaware of how they are losing business
  3. Waste too much time in networking and social media without results
  4. Are not clear on how to ask for the business and referrals that works!
  5. Are missing out on making a difference while building an empire!

By joining the WOW Power Players community, you and any Real Estate Agents on your team will have access toWOW Power Players online training system owned and operated by Jessica Peterson at Simply WOW Agency and a Mastermind led by Jessica and Kevin.

jess_imgDomenico and Cynthia Porpora Team came to my company. They are real estate agents. Their business was growing, which is exciting! They desired to find more balance in their day and guidance in growing their real estate business. The Porpora Team was concerned about being worn out. Can you relate? Now they are working a blueprint that is feeding them lots of business, branded themselves, created their own Riches in Niches, making a difference, growing a leader status in their community, and moving ahead with their dreams!

WOW Power Players online training is maximum 30 minutes each week. We like to keep it simple! Here is an outline of just some of the training:

  1. Plan to Increase Productivity and Profits
  2. WOW Online
  3. WOW Offline

“Who knew that joining a group of motivated, like minded individuals that are truly interested in sharing their knowledge in order to help others in the group to prosper could be so life changing!? This is exactly what WOW Power Players is doing for me. I need direction and support and was not getting this previous to joining the WOW Power Players. In just a short time my productivity has shifted in a very positive direction. This is a community offering a tremendous wealth of knowledge and experience so that everyone involved can have the tools to become their best, not only professionally, but personally as well. I am very grateful and extremely excited to have this opportunity! It feels great to have this enthusiasm about my business and my life, thank you Jessica Peterson!” Denise D

Jessica’s mission is to have 10,000 plus WOW Power Players positively impacting communities all over the United States and Canada. Will you join the WOW Power Players community today?

Jessica is the Founder of Simply WOW Agency and a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate in Florida. is a bestselling author and published six books. She has been a featured co-author in three others. Her background is a 20-year career and top sales in the banking, mortgage and financial world. She moved ahead and opened her agency in 2011 where she has guided service professionals including Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Professionals how to WOW.

Jessica has collected many accolades, including awards for top sales, top employee, top women awards and more. In 2015 she had the honor of being a TEDx speaker in Colorado. She is a certified 100k Impact Business Coach.

After many years of experience and testing social media, Jessica developed a proprietary plan of action to grow your business. She used this simple plan to grow an affiliate team of over 3,000 sales associates worldwide in only one year and was selected as top speaker and trainer out of 260,000 people. Jessica has been brought in to teach staff at Universities and other social media experts at small and big firms.

Fun facts about Jessica:

  • Led the marketing strategy for some of the most expensive luxury real estate in the world.
  • She also guided and coached other luxury marketing institutes on how to market.
  • Partner in developing a safety certification that allows Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals to be seen and known within companies.

Kevin is brought in as a bonus to share his experience in addition to the WOW Power Players training. Kevin’s training is called Listing and Buyer Mastery. His career experience over thirty years includes the marketing and sale of more than $500Million in Commercial & Investment property as well a residential real estate practice that has exceeded more than 2,500 closings. After involvement withmultiple systems and programs, and having been coached directly by many industry ‘luminaries’ and founders of these programs, Kevin realized that none of these programs were specifically in tune with today’s market.


He had mentored and led more than 1,000 residential real estate agents for a large global residential real estate franchise. Kevin keeps it simple and focuses in on local market analysis, scripts/dialog and best practices foroptimized conversion. He coached and trained top 20% of agents in production.

Fun facts about Kevin:

  • Kevin built a team from 150 to more than 600 transactions per year.
  • He personally grew a real estate business from scratch to more than 240 transactions per year in the third year.
  • Featured in Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Christian Science Monitor, CNN and the St Louis Post Dispatch more than 40 times.

Are you ready to join the community of WOW Power Players? Connect with us today!

Fast forward to today, these are some of the rewards and recognitions Jessica has received

spirited women

She was awarded the 2015 Top 12 Spirited Women Award

dr. shellie

2015 Top 100 Women In The World, Awarded and Featured in Common Threads - Dr Shellie Hipsky. 

Best Selling Author

International Best Selling Author




Built an affiliate sales team to over 3,000 people in just one years time.  

  • Created a clothing line with interest in ordering 100,000 in 30 days  

Created some of the best relationships with people around the world through social media 

TEDx Speaker