Three Simple, Proven Steps to Grow a Sales Team

This article is for any person or company who wishes to attract more sales people onto their team. Are you in network marketing, affiliate sales, real estate, mortgage, or any other company that desires to grow their sales team?

It was a common question how I attracted people to be a part of my mortgage company. Then people were craving to know how I grew my affiliate business to being in the top 10 out of 260,000 people.

There is a simple formula to this.

When you create a plan, follow it, then success will happen!

Here are the three simple ways to grow a sales team.

  1. Connect. Connect with your tribe. When I work with others, it amazes me how people are not tuned into who their ideal tribe or person is to join their team. As a result, I have created a simple action sheet that dives into who is your ideal person. Part of this is also defining who you are. I have worked with others who are part of network marketing, and they are clueless in who they are. When someone asks who are you and what do you do, what is your response? Do you speak it with conviction? Is it attracting people? Do you know what your mission is and unique selling proposition? It is amazing when working with people that they have no idea who they are and what makes them unique. It is so much fun to work with people on that journey! Connecting is also about finding common ground. How much easier it is to have an authentic conversation when there is genuine connecting.
  2. Communication. Step number two is communication. Now that you have someone who desires to talk with you, now what? Communication is essential. A big part of this is asking the right questions. I am working with a team in network marketing who asked how do you come up with the best questions. The response is simple, but not easy. You simply must care for people. This was my response when I won top sales in banking. Truly caring for others is the first step. Next, ask the right questions to show you care and results in the other person taking action. Which comes into step 3.
  3. Close. When I say close, this is not any form of manipulating someone into joining you. It is part of the process of diving into asking the right questions, listening, and seeing if the person is a good fit. Just because someone is living and breathing does not mean they should join you. If you discover they be a good fit, then do come from a place of education and asking them to join you. If not, still do give value to them. Maybe it is directing them in the right direction to go where they want to; take them on the path to fulfill their dreams not yours. When you find out someone is not a good fit or they say no, it is still closing. You are closing at that time the opportunity for them to join you and move ahead to the right person. Just because someone says no, it does not mean you cut them out of your life. Their life circumstances may change. They may decide at a later time that they appreciate your sincerity and being genuine in caring. What I do have to say from experience is that your time is precious, a true gift. How you are investing that time is up to you. My wish is you make the best investment. Do dedicate more time to the ones who have said YES and want to be a part of your mission. Please remember that once you have attracted the ideal person to join your team, it is also up to them to move ahead and make success happen. As someone once said, you can teach someone how to do a pushup but you are not able to do it for them.

What did you appreciate most about the three simple steps to grow a sales team?

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