WOW is about People and Relationships



What We Do:

We are a consulting and coaching agency for companies who desire to know one or more of the following subjects:

  • Business Planning
  • Branding
  • Productivity
  • Social Media 
  • Networking

Simply WOW Agency also designs social media branding and logos.



Pains We Solve:

Business planning: We will develop a plan with you to grow your business. A big part of this is offline and online marketing systems.

Social media planning and coaching: We will create a custom plan for you based on our four fundamental steps to success in social media. A part of this is diving into your online image, identifying if you are you losing customers, exploring how to create relationships with influential people, communicate fast and effectively online, create time management practices so you are not wasting time on social media, and ensure that you advertise effectively so you no longer waste money.

Branding: We will work with you and insure your brand is attracting not distracting your ideal client. This involves a review of your website, social media channels, logos, videos and more.


How We Are Different:

We have a team that works together to accomplish what you desire. The Founder and coaches we bring into our company are certified 100k Impact Business Coaches. They are certified in teaching you how to GET what you want developed by Gary Barnes International. Our coaches even have had marketing agencies as clients. Our coaches have experience in working with start-ups to established agencies. Many have said we are inspiring!

We offer a WOW Giver certification package for our clients.


Here is an outline of all the topics we speak and coach on

Planning for Prosperity

  • 4 simple secrets to a prosperous life
  • Dream BIG Digital Board
  • 6 Figure WOW Blueprint
  • How to GET what you want
  • Stop being the hamster on the wheel. Create the perfect day
  • Develop a highly effective business plan that creates results
  • Riches in Niches. Create an ideal client and niche.


Be Seen, Be Known, and Influential

  • Create the best 30 second introduction where people want to connect or work with you
  • How to network with results
  • Email system that increases sales
  • A business card that increases business results
  • A voicemail that delivers a great impression
  • Make the best first impression that creates a buzz about your business
  • How you may be losing business from your website
  • Headlines that convert. How to develop the best headline for blogs, programs, services, emails and more!
  • Rock your body language to increase sales
  • Closing power - Create questions


Social WOW

  • Famous 100k social media blueprint
  • What social media channels should you be on
  • Influential image. Stop losing business
  • Step by step developing your social media brand
  • How to increase word of mouth referrals list
  • Communicate effectively to create results
  • One simple and powerful tip to connect with your dream list of people or companies
  • All about the hashtags
  • Create a buzz on social media (groups and contests)
  • Developing a social media plan, minute by minute. Stop wasting time
  • Video success
  • What ads create results
  • Delivering value on a regular basis


Grow with Systems

  • Systems that outdo the competition
  • Goal setting and retaining
  • Top objections and how to overcome them
  • How to handle an unhappy client
  • Top gifts to deliver and increase word of mouth referrals
  • Avoid being alone in the business world
  • Why are code of ethics important and how does it boost business?
  • Importance of being simple and increase joy?
  • Have a new lead. Now what? Lower chance of losing it
  • Reputation management. How to grab a review.
  • Processing systems-broke down to many
  • Increase productivity
  • Attract quality team members
  • 9 weeks of time off
  • What to delegate and how
  • Celebrate success. Create more joy!
  • Invest with the best. Stop wasting money.

Are you ready to WOW people, grow your business and have a prosperous life? Then we are the business and marketing agency for you. Connect with us today!