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Jessica: Hello everyone! Jessica Peterson here with Simply WOW Agency where it is simple wow people your business grows and you have a prosperous wow life yourself. So today I am excited to have Richard Matharoo on the WOW Power Player episode today. Welcome Richard!

Richard: Thank you for having me. I am excited to share.

Jessica: Well, I am really excited too. You and I were having a conversation on Facebook. You saw that I was looking for people with valuable information to share with others and I was really intrigued how you are focus on creating a sales funnel and it’s all online. I was also really intrigued that you’ve niche yourself with network marketers now this information applies to other small businesses as well. What you’ve really crafted is how to grow referrals today and I absolutely love that so my agency we love to teach people how to grow referrals with the focus, social media, the marketing, and the 30-second pitch and offline marketing. For you it’s more of the online sales funnel for people who don’t want to talk to friends or family or anything which is so unique and different. Our agency we do some of that. It’s more niche friends and family. What I love about you is your niche. This is completely started from scratch. You don’t want to go to your friends and family, right?

Richard: Yes.

Jessica: And you’ve personally have recruited over 500 people in the network marketing company. I know you’re in one and people don’t care. They still buy out your services, your training of all sorts because they know it works.

Richard: Absolutely, yeah. In the industry that I am in it’s very linear and finite in the sense that it’s. “Ok, this is the way it should be done and then that’s it.” My question to myself when I was failing 6-7 years ago after I’ve tried three different companies, I have tired different approaches, I was following the system that I was teaching, I was like, “How come there’s only small number of people getting success and how come there are so many people that aren’t? I’m sure there is a better way.” And having a traditional business background – I owned a couple of health clubs with my wife. I certainly thought why I can’t apply the same sound business structure that are working in other professions into this one and I think a lot of times when we very insular in what we do. And I read a book once, The E Myth Revisited and he said, “You should work on your business not just in your business.” So I took a little step back externally. I thought, “Ok, I am going to get more referrals. How can I generate quality people who want what I’ve already got to offer so I don’t have to convince them and everything works a lot smoother?” I don’t want to do it online. I’ll become a father. You know, I didn’t have a dad growing up. Something really important to me when I became a father was time – quality time. I want to be there with my family not timing them off to somebody else. I want to play a part in the school drop-offs, in the clubs and the rest of it. Time is precious so I didn’t want to go knocking on doors. I didn’t want messaging people one after one after one. I wanted to present in the moment so I knew that most of my business was taken care of and all I have to work on that fun stuff which was delivering my actual service or product.

Jessica: I love it, so how did you. Well, first of all I want to say I love it, family comes first and foremost. It’s amazing how many people I work with and they are unbalanced. I talked about that my create a perfect day, you know, being balance and all of that. So how did you get on this journey? You mentioned you kept failing, right, in that network marketing. So you knew it had to be a better answer. How did you discover that answer?

Richard: I discovered someone as opposed to something so I was just looking for anything. I am like, “I’ve got to figure this.” I thought about quitting for a teenie Winnie amount of time and you know, I look at my door thinking, “No way!” But I just thought, you know what I can deal with not being good enough at something but I can’t not deal with giving it my all. I need to know at the end of the day that I gave everything so I started looking around and thinking that there’s got to be a solution. So I was Googling loads of different terms, you know building a business online, working from home online, all sorts of different ideas and a lot of rubbish came back. But then I stare a particular gentleman. I go to his Youtube channel and I was following his blog and I was like, “This guy is doing really really well in my specific business.” He’s also got success coaching others out to do this. He seems to be making a lot of money but he’s got a lot of time. How is he doing this? And I literally reached out to him I said, “Will you help me?” He said, “Well, I can coach you for this.” And that point in time I said, “I can’t afford that.” And he said, “Well, I also build a network marketing business if you would like to join my team and you can kind of look from the inside what I do.” So I took that option and sweated all night because I’ve never spoken to the guy face to face. I just was, “Yeah, I’ll do that.” And then all of a sudden the next morning he calls me on Skype and I just followed what he did and applied it to my own business.

Jessica: That’s incredible. So you said, you were $50,000 debt to 5 figures a month, right?

Richard: Yeah, exactly that.

Jessica: Oh, that’s so cool. So can you share some of your secrets on the sales funnel process?

Richard: Yes, sure. First of all what you’re going to look at is think about the behavior of what your client or your customer is. It doesn’t really matter about the niche so you can apply this to anything as long as you have an understanding of the marketplace that you’re in. So you got to think about what is it that someone is going to do when they come to your marketing? Again, work on your business not just in it. So take stock of how you’re introducing people to that sales funnel. Are you going to use Facebook ad, are you going to use Youtube? What are you going to use? If you are to be objective and take a look at that and you are someone who prospect and you arrived at that platform. How would you feel about your market? What do you get a sense of? What you got to play to is one thing, like the one thing that your market is looking in terms of desires and challenges they want to overcome. And if you can speak to those two things throughout your marketing and then seamlessly into your funnel then even if we don’t do great job technically, even if this is something new for you then you will find that your results will be least adequate and you will then begin.

I like the statistical side of the sales funnel. You can see once you have this going, “Ok, how many people come from my social media channel to the front of my sales funnel? How many people would then give me their email and look at the presentation?” How many people from that presentation will then walk in? You will be able to clearly see the statistics, “Well, ok this is ok. This area is weak.” And you can start to fix and fill those gaps so by the end of it. With a period of 90 days you can have a smooth process and you know exactly how many people are going to purchase compared to how many people you sent in front of it and then of course scale your marketing really with confidence.

Jessica: Yes, I love it. So when I work with clients and you say, who is your ideal client reaches and niches one of our training. And like you said, what value do you have? So for example today, I worked with an incredible gentleman, really nice guy and in business 25 years. He didn’t even know his value proposition and his business was sinking after 25 years. And a lot of people don’t really know and then a while like you said is ok then where they hanging out at. I’ve had people they’re like, “Why aren’t you on this social media?” It’s not where my ideal client is. Why should I be on there just follow the crowd? I don’t follow the crowd.

Richard: You should say it, and everybody is…

Jessica: Yeah, so don’t follow the crowd. I love that you have that process so what comes next?

Richard: So what you want to do is obviously you want to think about what is the end result. What do you want to accomplish with the sales funnel? So is it mainly that you want to generate leads as in people booking up in your diary? Is it that you want them to follow a flow of information and then make a small purchase or a trial or something, so begin with the end in mind. You say, “Ok, what do I want to accomplish with this?” And that will help you for definite. So many people start at the beginning and then go kind of sweat again to a round hole. Whereas if you know what you’re shooting for you can then work back.

Let’s say for example, you want to schedule an appointment with you on the phone. So we start with a schedule page, you know, the very last page where they can schedule a call with you. Well, is that schedule page professional? Is it encouraging them or compelling them to do that? The page before that, what information do you share to have that person understand that you understand their needs and desires and that gives them confidence that this call is going to be of value for them. Before that what is your unique offer? I call it the asset bait. What is it that you’re offering in exchange for their email? They know the game. Everybody knows the game these days. If they are giving you their email then know that you intend to offer them something and email them.  You know, there is no point in hiding it let’s just be upfront with it and say, “Ok, I want your email but this is what I am going to give you.” Don’t say that but be direct with it. Ok? How to do this with this even if you’ve got that. Give me your email; I’ll give you the report. They can make a decision based off of that. And then once you’ve got that process in place run the numbers through it, run the traffic through it. Take a look at each step and say, “Ok, where is the biggest lead? Where am I losing most people?” And then start there. Ok, there are loads of people getting to my appointment page but no one is booking an appointment. So what you can do, the cool part of getting their email first is you can email this people and say, “Listen, I know you check out the funnel what really help me to understand better is how come you didn’t schedule an appointment?” And they say, “Your button doesn’t work.” And you got, “Oh my goodness, I haven’t checked that.” And now when you go back, “Yeah, the button doesn’t work.” Or it sends the wrong link. You’ll be surprised how direct how your small percentage of people will come back and tell you exactly what it is you need to do. You can just keep working backwards until the whole thing is smooth.

Jessica: That’s great that you say figure out a leak and ask people. It’s maybe surprising because I have people say, “Hey will you go and like my Facebook page.” And I’m like, “Where is it?” “It’s broken.” Over 90% of people it’s broken on their Facebook profile so how I can even go support you. I like what you said, figure out the leak. Again, it’s always constantly evolving and changing, right?

Richard: Yeah, test everything. You know, software these days you don’t have to be a technical guru or anything like that. I use a particular software where it’s pretty much what you see is what you get. You type it, you put the pictures here whatever. And there are loads of options available to be able to do that. You just drag and drop and maybe one afternoon learning the basics and then just drag and drop what you’ve got. And then always have two options of every page. Keep the best converting ones and test something else. The technical side is what most people think is the issue and it isn’t. What is the issue is most people in business because they have such a passion to what they do, they forget that it doesn’t really matter what you and I think. It matters what the prospects think and we play this game in our own head where we’ll look at the sales funnel and we’ll decide do we think it will work based off of our own one opinion. I see people, they are like a crab, they go sideways never forward. Those spent months and months and months putting together this funnel changing the colors, changing the text, changing the videos, but never even showed it to a single other person. They spent months of their life, they’re like, “Well, I think this is, and I think, and I think.” I’m like, “Well it doesn’t matter what you think. It matters what your prospect thinks.” Go put some people in front of it and actually see as opposed to guessing you know.

Jessica: Yes, yes. And that’s why I believe in the power. I even invest in the coaches and training. Like you said, it’s not just what I. I even have people who do what I do and hire me to come and then give that second perspective. Like you said, go ask people. So you said something, the one of the most popular questions I am receiving lately- so my company, we don’t build websites or anything. But the most particular question is what is the best platform to build a website on. Do you have any suggestions for that?

Richard: Yeah, 100% I’ll still say WordPress, not So is obviously where you build yourself. The reason for that is you own it and anywhere else you build a website you don’t own it. If something to, you know, I just want to build a Facebook page. Well, Mark Zuckerbeg can kick off anytime he likes. You know, I am going to have a Youtube channel. That’s great! But Youtube can turn around one day and say, “Hey, we don’t want consultants here anymore. Bye bye.” That has happened to friends mine. Any platform that you go on typically doesn’t have ownership of that and they are on the same flexibility. Like with WordPress they are  very flexible, you can easily change what it looks like. There is full functionality. It is used by so many people. It is secure and you own that. So as long as you don’t do something stupid or illegal which is obvious, then you own that content. It is out there for the life of however you want to keep it out there. The way to have a website is that’s the planet, that’s the hoop, that’s where you’re business lives. Social media is a satellite that points back towards that. And as long as you maintain a strong presence on at least two of those channels, anytime something happens to one of those channels you can adjust and just put more of your engine to the other one and then have another one and that is a back up. Just have presence on all of them just so you can be found but really put effort into two where your audience hangs out and that will be secured enough if you have a website to back that up.

Jessica: Ok, so here is another popular question. I am putting you on the spot here for a lot of stuff. So what is more important SEO or social media advertising? What is more powerful?   

Richard: Without doubt social media advertising. Like people come into SEO, I laugh because I can emphasize either of the same thing. I’ll spend hours and hours sweating, trying to get the keywords right, putting them in the right place, putting the right images. You don’t stand a shot if it’s a decent keyword if your website is new. You don’t stand a shot because there’s other people out there that understand that those keywords will generate a lot of revenue so they have an entire team that is back linking, putting a blog network together, doing all sorts of tactics that one man or one woman can’t possibly compete with. So you may as well not bother trying to shot for that keyword at all. The only time that it becomes useful in the short term is if you understand which keywords to go for. The low hanging fruit, ones that aren’t competitive. You can do lots and lots and lots of small returns on these keywords with SEO and do ok with that and then overtime as long as you’ve done the basics in terms of optimizing your website. Overtime as you consistent content and the engagement kicks in you will be able to get some kind of strength to your website and then you will start ranking. But with social media advertising you can very quickly refine and adjust, refine and adjust what message works and generates a lot of traffic whereas SEO takes a long time if at all and it’s time consuming whereas social media advertising isn’t.

Jessica: Yes and social media is always evolving and changing. I just got certified on the Facebook bot system. My agency we don’t actually do this social media. We just love the coaching, consulting and communication and what not. I like what you said earlier, “What’s your end results?” A lot of companies come to me and say, “Our advertising in social media is not producing results.” And I’ll say, “What’s your goal?” “I don’t know? I want more likes.” And I love this, I love having conversation with companies who cares about the likes. It is not popularity, this is conversion and targeted. I’ve spoken and seen people who are “social media experts” who have way more fans and like than I do and their conversion is zero. And they say the page is worthless, so yeah being really specific. And you have a copy and paste for network marketers to use for ads, right?

Richard: Yeah. I put a course together called Predictable Member System and part of that course I think where a lot of network marketers struggle is how do I generate traffic? If I can build the sales funnel then I can put a list together. Well, how I actually get people to this funnel? So I said, “Well, I use Facebook ads a lot and this is the campaign that I use.” So I put a bonus inclusion in there showed me creating the campaign, gave them some options for them to use and then just put in the course so they could just copy and paste it. I just think that business isn’t easy but it is definitely simple and if more people have this approach of playing to their strengths and educating themselves whether maybe they are not so strong things will be a lot easier. When I was in the health club business, I have a couple of health clubs, you know, marketing was something that I never thought I have to pay attention to because I had a great instructor, I had a great product, I had a great service, I had good word of mouth so that would be enough. But the world is changing and people are expecting more and more and more and they want to know super super quickly what’s in this for me. They want results faster than ever and they need to feel some level of relationship and trust with you before they even want to walk through the door. You know if you’re social media presence isn’t available to them they’re going to presume it’s not real company. I mean you think about how you do your own research these days. You google the name, you look for facebook page, if either of those isn’t up to standard and including the sales funnel. I mean you got your information up on something; What they do? I know when someone puts a good sales funnel together. I know they are trying to get me buy something but I respect the fact that they have those skills. I respect the social media marketing. For me that’s a great big green flag light, “Ok, this person knows what they are talking about.” If it’s not around these days people just go and find you competitor. 

Jessica: Yes, absolutely. I always share with people you don’t want to be hidden then I start thinking, “Well, what are they hiding from?”

Richard: Exactly. And what are they going to teach me if they don’t even care enough to have a decent Facebook page. It’s accurate but again it doesn’t matter what you and I think, it matters what your prospects thinks and that is 100% what they think.

Jessica: Yes, so how do you Richard, wow people? How do you wow them?

Richard: By the amount of value that I give for free. You know, in a tradition business again, going back to my gym days I learned a lot from those successes and failures. Someone will always say to me, “You know, you want to give the good stuff. You kind of want to give them just enough.” Then when I got more aligned to the coach that really kind of brought this out of me said, “No, you want to give them as much as possibly can because people will feel reciprocity.” They will understand how much you understand them and can do for them. And then the paid services that you’ve got they’ll have absolute confidence to kind of move forward with that. So, I’m the same. I don’t have the biggest email list, I don’t have the biggest following or anything but by super super loyal. It has so many referrals to me because plain and simply what I put out there it helps them and it’s good quality and they can tell that I have taken time to perfect my craft.

Jessica: I love it. How can people find you?

Richard: My website, that’s the best place you have to find me. And my name luckily is very unique so once you learn how to spell at one time any social media channel that you’re on I’ll pop up in your search.

Jessica: That’s one of my regrets. I wish I would have branded myself with a different name, Jessica Peterson, there are so many. I like that Richard Matharoo especially Math, I love Math. Ok, Richard, thank you so much for sharing your insights and I’ll go ahead and bring in new clients, new referral partners. So we really appreciate you and we’ll talk with you soon, ok?

Richard: Absolutely. Thanks for having me up. I hope yourself and your audience gets a lot of value. I’ll catch you soon.

Jessica: We did. Talk with you soon. Bye bye.

Richard: Bye bye.

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