Dear Real Estate Agent

After coaching Real Estate Agents for years and now being one myself I’ve noticed a common concern.

So many feel like a hamster on a wheel. They are a hamster on a wheel with coffee in hand, hair on fire, chasing the next deal and then have a squirrel moment. Yikes! Can you relate?

I get it. You:

  • Care for people. Desire to make a positive impact in their life.
  • Have your own dreams and want to see them come true.
  • Want to make money and desire to be semi-retired or retired someday with
    income still coming in.

There are so many distractions! What are yours?

Social media is constantly changing. The latest technology for Real Estate. It may seem difficult to keep up. Before you know it several hours went by and you lost track of time. Was that the best use of your time?

Another agent shared how she did not want to miss a real estate call. She answered the phone while walking down the aisle at her families wedding. Yikes!

After my husband was in ICU it dawned on me that so many of us are wasting time! You can always make more money but not more time. My business coach said“You can no longer trade time for dollars.”She was right. I had a dream. A dream to positively impact this world. To no longer trade time for dollars. I asked my coach what should I do. Her response was “I don’t know. Listen and the answer will come.” Yikes! I only have patience for children and pets. Here I have to listen?

It was one of the best coaching advice I have ever received. I sat there and “listened.” A friend of mine Kevin, who is also a Real Estate coach, informed me of a formula and way to coach people, work less and make a bigger impact. He had no idea what I was thinking or going through. Kevin closed 240 deals in year three after moving to a new state, knowing nobody, and after getting cancer. He is a Rockstar and legend in Real Estate.

Do you wish to get off the hamster wheel? Create a life you desire and make a positive impact in lives?

Welcome to the WOW Power Players for Real Estate Agents community. We are a positive community of givers who are self motivated, focused and dedicated to create a life we desire. Each of us have a purpose and are confident we can achieve it!

We cover:

  • Develop your business plan to six or seven figures
  • Online image to attract clients including social media hacks
  • Create the perfect day and lifestyle for YOU
  • Gain nine weeks of time off minimum every year
  • Riches in niches

Martin Bengston

Featured in Forbes magazine as top agents
WOW Power Player

“There are the top coaches in Real Estate and then you have Jessica. She is way above and beyond at a different level. It is one that changed my life and I’m forever grateful to her for it”


Jessica Hensley

Top Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Mega Moms coach

“The first two hours of coaching made her more money than the $40,000 she invested in other coaching.”

Are you a Real Estate Agent who is ready to take the pledge to WOW people daily, grow your business and create a WOW life for yourself?

Currently I have only fifty openings. Let’s connect and see if we are a good fit for each other. No sales or pressure. Just pure conversation. You share with me your biggest challenge and I guarantee you will walk away with a plan. All I ask in return is you pay it forward and deliver value to someone else.

You ready to soar with me today?

Let’s connect!

Jessica Peterson
WOW Power Player Founder

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