My Day on Facebook

Have you heard about My Day on Facebook?

Today I was conducting my mastermind and some of my clients noted they have seen it, and did not really understand it.

It impelled me to write a mini blog about My Day on Facebook and the benefits!

We will talk about what it is, why use it, how to use it.

Some say it simply does what Snapchat or Instagram offers; a short video to be shared with your friends. The video will disappear after 24 hours. Instead of a video, you can upload a picture as well.

To get started, you will go into your Facebook Messenger from your phone. On top to the left you can see Add to My Day. You click on it and get started!

When you do create a video or a photo, it does not automatically appear. You can click the arrow button to upload it. That should avoid any fear that you created one and did not like it.

It’s a great tool for people who have a fear of a video or photo being out there forever hanging over their head. Please note someone can still take a snapshot of what you created, so there still is a chance it can be used for the future.

It’s a very fast and easy way to see what your friends are up to for the day. Some people have avoided videos in Facebook due to the long videos that really did not seem to go anywhere or serve any purpose.

When you are in Facebook Messenger, you can scroll on top through your friends and click on which ones you want to see their day.

You have the option to send a little note regarding the mini picture or video on My Day on Facebook.

What I enjoy is the short and effective way to see what my friends are up to. Another way to send them a quick hello. After all, social media is meant to be social!

How have you used the new feature on My Day on Facebook?

For more information, you can go to Facebook directly at

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