Jessica Peterson is a highly-sought out consultant who teaches social media and digital marketing concepts to clients across the country.  

A certified social media coach, with a specialization in Facebook, she has trained hundreds of professionals on how to build their business using proven methods that include not only Facebook, but also Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

In addition to founding Simply WOW Agency, Jessica frequently finds herself invited on popular shows across the country. She has also been featured on numerous website and blogs on the topic of social media for business.

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Are you ready to create a life you desire?

Do you wish you had 20 arms or a duplicate of you to get everything done?

Are you ready to add happiness to your positive attitude?

Have you ever wondered?

- What are the top social media channels for a business to be on?

- What are key questions to ask when creating ads on social media?

- What if I am concerned about privacy on social media?

- Social media can be a black hole, time suck.  Advice for that?

- What social tool do you find we all should be evaluating as part of our plan?   

If so, then listen in to this 45 minute radio show as Jessica answers these vital questions.  

On the Air with WSRQ Talk Radio

Discussing 'Empowering Small Business"

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With Christine at daily life mastery

Jessica had a BLAST on the latest radio show talking about Purpose Powered People and secrets to success in business.

Click here to listen to the 30 minute conversation.

Success Insight Today

You asked, Jessica answered! What great questions everyone had regarding Facebook. Facebook Advertising seemed to be a hot topic. Check in with this interview to learn more.

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Interview with Allprowebtools

Jessica was honored to be interviewed by Allprowebtools.  



Check out the Google Hangout Here

Franchise Owners:

Want to hear a conversation between a well known expert and Jessica regarding franchises using social media the right way?  

Check it out here.

Banking & Lending

Jessica Peterson and David Lykken discussing social media for banks and lending institutions. 

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Top 100 Women

Jessica talks with Shellie Hipsky and will be featured in her book of top 100 women. 

Click to hear more about Customer WOW Project and the Ultimate Women's Expo.

Ultimate Women's Expo

Jessica is interviewed to discuss the WOW factor and the companies role in supporting the Ultimate Women's Conference

Listen here.

Interview with Robbie Motter

The amazing Robbie Motter getting real with Jessica Peterson regarding social media.  

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Social Media Trends

Listen to this entertaining conversation with Hugh Liddle, Red Cap Sales Coaching, about social media trends this year.  

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Improve your business

Learn how to improve your business and social media results now on Thrive Nation. 

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Putting Wow In your business

"Putting wow in your business" on It is My Business Radio.  

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Chat with Vicki Conley

Listen in on this chat with Vicki Conley, a mobile marketing coach.  

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