Create a WOW Life In Your Business.

In a complicated world I keep it simple.

How do I keep it simple? I address the three key issues:

Your Relationships
Your Lifestyle
Your Business

I used to have over seventy trainings. Yes, seventy! I thought this is insane. Who wants to sit there and listen to so much training? Over the past few decades I took all that I had learned in schooling (certified in business and life coaching), hard knocks of life (trial and errors that I don’t want others to encounter) and implemented a system.

Often people ask how do you do it all?
How did you create a WOW life?

Let me explain why people would ask this.

I was top in mortgages and banking. Someone who was enriched with wonderful people, family, lived in beautiful places, a TEDx speaker, wrote seven books, best selling author, and now top in real estate. I have marketed some of the most expensive real estate in the world, developments, and tapped into luxury real estate my first year. In 2019 I won global women vision award and serve as Chair in emerging technology at the local board of Realtors.

Jessica Peterson

Was it always easy? No way!

The big moment came after my husband was in ICU. I realized every day is perfect because we are alive, so why are we not creating a life and business we desire AND deserve? The famous saying you can make more money and not more time meant more than ever. In my TEDx talk I shared how the top regrets of the dying was not staying in touch with people. Relationships are important!

As a kid I loved numbers (was skipped in math several years). All my dolls had their lives mapped out, when they worked, where they worked, how much money they made and a volunteer schedule ( I’m big into giving)

It is no surprise that today I consult and coach service business professionals who are

  • Givers
  • Connectors
  • Optimistic
  • Dedicated
  • Focused

This led me on the journey to

  • educate people how to stop chasing business and more time to do what they love
  • make a difference in other’s lives with enriched relationships
  • discover balance in their life
  • save nine weeks of time ever year
  • make money while sleep and make an impact in peoples’ lives

Love it!

It came down to my simple formula to WOW people, you, and your business.

Some of my experience includes:

  • Logos
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Productivity
  • Business Planning
  • Accountability
  • Lead Masterminds,
  • Speaking
  • Training

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Ways I Serve


Two hour package at $497. Custom packages: Share what you want and I will connect you with the right people/resources or custom create what is best for you



I speak on a variety of subjects including how to create the perfect day; increase productivity, profits, and happiness.



Everyday I give away a fifteen minute consult. All I ask is that you pay it forward and WOW someone that day.



I Coach/Consult on how to market real estate



I will create a social media brand or logo for you.



Connect with me today!

    What We Give:

    Connections. We find that often not the best fit.
    (We are a bit famous for connecting people with the right ones.)

    Hire us:

    Real Estate: We Coach/Consult on how to market real estate




    • 1 hour package: Discover how to GET what you desire or power through biggest business challenges $297. Guarantee or all your money back.
    • 2 hour package: all the above and an extra hour: $497
    • Custom packages: Share with us what you want and we will connect you with the right people/resources or custom create what is best for you.