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Jessica: Hello everyone! Jessica Peterson here with Simply WOW Agency for another WOW Power Players edition and we have the amazing Tony Tate, blockchain asset analyst. I love how you have it all out there. I could probably learn a lesson from that, Tony. So thank you so much for being here and I am sorry to hear that the internet is out of your office but how great you are able to do this out on your car, right?    

Tony: Yeah, the technology is pretty cool. I guess, you know, that’s always you have your little hotspot that you can pick up anywhere, you know, have WIFI and we’ll travel. That’s what I say.

Jessica: I am so used to seeing you in the suit and all serious. The only time I saw on t-shirt was when we went on a trip. Remember that?

Tony: Yeah, I took you, LauraLee Shapiro and Dianne. I took you guys on a cruise for a couple of days and we have a little bit of fun. Absolutely.

Jessica: Yes, all memories. That was several years ago.

Tony: I still have the t-shirt that you guys got me. That was awesome.

Jessica: Oh, that makes us so happy. So one of the subjects that my company teaches and I know you’ve done a great job in this is Riches in the Niches. And I know you always like to say niches in the riches… that could probably be the same.

Tony: Yeah, I look at the chicken egg what came first. You know, you do get rich before the niche or do you get the niche after you become rich, so I don’t know how that works.

Jessica: Oh no, we’re going to have some fun with that anyhow. So I’ve known you for a long long time and what I love is you very much niche yourself. I know this is something you have been working hard for a long time and that is on the crypto space, the block chain, educating people about that, whole system of education and I am so excited about that because so many people, a statistic last I heard it’s like under 3% of people are actually educated so you’re doing a fantastic job and I know many other are coming out of training. So Tony share with us a little bit about who you are and your number secret on this Riches in the Niches.

Tony: Oh wow! Ok, well, again my name is Tony Tate. I am the founder of Currency Cadets and basically we have an education module because our job is to simply make currencies make sense. Whether that is traditional, fiat currency; whether that is precious metals (gold and silver) or whether that is, what’s really really popular now is the cryptocurrency aspect of it. Our job is to make sure that people understand and they know what they don’t know and then form there just make sure that we are a safe place in the marketplace because there are a lot of things out there, scams. I mean, I saw a statistic under 70% of all ICOs which is basically an initial coin offering fails. Or fails and/or is a Ponzi scheme of some sort, so that’s something that is disconcerting because way before we started this company I already had a cryptocurrency and so I will get people coming to me and say, “Hey man, I have that bit coin stuff you talk about.” And I’m like, “Oh really, where?” And I would go and have the conversation, “What kind of wallet are you using? You know where you store it? Is it web wallet, a mobile wallet, hard wallet?” And they would say, “I got this in this company.” And it turns out that company is no longer in business because it was a Ponzi scheme based out of London, and then same thing with another company. So what start out as a labor of love to keep my friends safe and how passionate I am, I guess I kind of have a savior complex. It really turned into a way for me. I said, “Ok, I am doing this way too much, God. I need you to show me how to monetize this.” Because if I get paid for helping people every single day and holding their hands through the process for people who wanted me involved but they don’t know the difference between a wheat nickel and a bitcoin. How can I help them? How can I make sure they are not making mistakes? That they have a level of membership that they could subscribe to based on their own interest, not mine and how I want to teach them, but how they want to learn. So that’s what we’ve done and Currency Cadets is born.

Jessica: So I am going to say this, this is an open, raw, real, unedited edition, right? It’s really dark in here, it’s stormy outside so I have to apologize for that. So you were like a 6-figure income in your network marketing, right?

Tony: Correct.

Jessica: You pretty much walk away from that and pursue this dream. You say this to protect your friends. I always tell people I am a connector, supported, protector. I love to protect my friends. And I do the same thing, I mean I have company who have done video testimonials save an unbelievable amount of money, right? And I love that you found this niche and the niche though what I appreciate was not so much about the money making but it was more to protect your friends and have this big need.

Tony: Right, for sure. What I think about it like I said, it’s really and truly just… because one of our three pillars is really make sure that people are protected and in profit. Those are two of our three pillars. Protect it, in Profit and Prosperous to kind of round that all three.

Jessica: You know what, that’s a hot subject there. Tony I lost you again, so you got to come on back.

Tony: Oh oh. I can hear you.

Jessica: I can hear you. I just can’t see you. So how would you describe because this is a hot subject I’ve seen lately. How would you describe the difference between profit and prosperous?

Tony: Profit is simply just making sure that people can worst case scenario break even. Prosperous is more of an on-going, make sure that they are in a continuous state of profit and that they understand what they are doing. They understand and they can evaluate their own appetite for investing. Some people they believe a penny saved is a penny earned, and the best way to double your money is to fold it in half. There are some people that are like, “Hey, scared money don’t make money”, so they are more aggressive in their investment. Some people they want to catch up for time loss by being a little more aggressive with their portfolio. I try to teach people what I call The Restaurant Quotient. You know, if you think about going to the restaurant and you have a bad meal. What is the most you can stand? Somebody say, “Hey listen, I heard the food was ok.” Other say, “The food was not ok.” I am going to try this restaurant out, what is my maximum level because if I do this. If I invest in this meal and I have a bad taste in my mouth it’s not going to affect the rest of my life, so I kind of use that restaurant analogy when I talk to people about investing.

Jessica: I don’t know. I was pretty traumatized once by a meal.

Tony: It can happen, food poisoning is no joke.

Jessica: That was entertaining times. I was at a restaurant and it was just perfect timing like I found a dead fly on my salad and the manager just happen to walk by. I was like, and so the look on my face, so the manager happened to walk by and he was like, “Is everything ok?” And I said, “Why is there a dead fly in my salad?” I was on a business meeting. He was, “We don’t have flies here.” I’m like, “Oh ok well, I did not plant it there, right?” So anyhow it was so funny, right then and there two flies came hovering my salad and start mating. And he’s like, “Oh Lordy.” You know, anyhow, I got my meal comped and gift certificates. You know I was thinking, “Oh what a perfect timing.” But that was quite the experience. So my company motto is simple, you wow people, your business grows, and you have a wow prosperous life yourself, so what I discovered prosperous goes more than just the money. It’s actually having a lifestyle and so many people don’t actually take the time to even map out what they want and what they desire and that’s something in my Create the Perfect Day that I love to teach. Did you get my book, Tony? Now, I think about it. 

Tony: I did get the first book. I did. You don’t have to first sale me. You’re preaching to the choir.

Jessica: You and I have that kind of relationship, which I absolutely adore about it. So Riches in the Niches, there is a lot of crypto talk. What have you done to stand up and elevate yourself from everybody else?

Tony: One of the things that I think that kind of really sets us apart is, let me back it before that, but what sets us apart is that we have an open… most people no matter where your products or services are they take you. You’ve got to have an online presence, you got to be able to have your business run without you, you got to have your sales funnel, you got to have split ab testing, you got to do all your marketing, go, go, go and it need to be like an ATM. See, with cryptocurrency you can’t touch it. You can grasp the concept and it’s all around us so reversing or if not reinventing the wheel by going back to where things were belly to belly, we have our customer service is so different. Because even if you search for the word cryptocurrency one time, your Google, your Facebook feed, your Twitter feed, your Instagram, you’re going to get all these advertisements about this ICO, about that ICO because guys are really good about using this being able to target market. Where we’re a different and how we’re setting ourselves apart is that you have somebody that you can talk to. And we will be able to continue this type of model because it is not just me myself but we have someone in every times, so we got a guy in South Korea, got a guy in Russia, got a guy in London England, got a guy, you know, me myself here. So all of us that make up the Cadet council we have blocks of time where people can go in, and depending on their level of membership whether they are more of an arms reach, it’s kind of like an arms reach learner or they want that private tutoring and they can subscribe to that kind of membership we give them that belly to belly. So whereas people are trying to move away from dealing with people, we’re moving towards people and we don’t want to be the kind of company that is strictly high-tech. We want to be high touch.

Jessica: I love that. So when I go and teach companies about social media marketing, you know, that’s one of our five pillars. When I go in there and teach that, I always say, “Please still go out there and pick up the phone” or actually like you said belly to belly or interact with other human beings. That’s so powerful. And yeah, I have concerns of everything is all digital.

Tony: Right, right.

Jessica:    I just don’t feel quite right. But I love digital, I love social media. It has enriched my life and your life. I know you have a lot of secrets in social media as well. So how do you get these clients from all over the world?

Tony: Really simply, the group Currency Cadets was like just a few of my family and friends that I wanted to make sure, “Ok guys, listen,  this what you got to do when it comes to bitcoin.” You got to do this, you got to do that, you got to do this. And after a while it was funny because they kept coming to me and say, “Dude, do you get paid to do this?” And I was like, “Well no, not right now.” I just want to make sure that everybody is ok. And they’re like, “Man, you need to get paid for this.” And then I started thinking we’ve really got to do some different things with the way that things have been happening so it started out that way. And I said, “Guys, listen here let’s just kind of keep this simple. If you got friends or family that wanted to get help just go ahead. I’ll make a private little group.” At that point I didn’t have a name. “And just add everybody to this group on Facebook and then I’ll just call it crypto whatever or something.” We didn’t stick with that because it was an ugly name, hard to market. But we didn’t want to dry out the noise and then it went away from 8 people to 30. Somebody adding their cousin in Germany, somebody is adding their friend in South America, and somebody is adding their friend in Korea and it just grew and now we have 300 people in the group that are sitting there, they are either learning on their own pace or watching it just kind of sitting back. You know, and they are asking questions as they feel comfortable taking a few steps. I probably get about five private messages for every post that someone makes in the group because they want to ask questions. They don’t want to seem silly but I always tell people you don’t know what you know until you know it so our group is a safe place that includes asking the question if you don’t know. That’s how it went around the world. We got people in South Africa as well, Sarah Ferrell, she is in South Africa. Some people in Australia and Greece, so we got people everywhere that are just kind of, they like this model, they like learning this way and there is a person they know that they can talk to that will sit down with them and go through what it is that they want to do. I guess the word just spread. I guess, you know, I haven’t begun to ramping up yet. We’re still working on our website. We’re serving the people before we have a forward facing website right now.

Jessica: I am so happy you said that. I have some clients who, you know are like you taking that leap of faith, rebranding, pursuing their dream and they’re like, “Oh, I have to have a website.” Yeah, you need the website. You do eventually but not right now. Go out there and start providing value and growing your tribe, and the right people. That’s what I love about WOW, and so our company is very much niched and your relationship in service industry, you know, mortgage, real estate, financial making a big difference in the world. Because if you wow one person then they tell someone and it just keeps growing, right?

Tony: Yes, for sure. We’ve been blessed with that for sure.

Jessica: Yes, and that’s how my company evolved. People kept coming to me, “Well, how do you this on social media? How do you that? How do you this?” And then it just keeps growing. I actually love it. So and you have a Facebook group, Currency Cadets, right?

Tony: Yup, and a public page – Currency Cadets, and Instagram and everything Currency Cadets. We were fortunate enough that nobody has taken that and ruin that brand or that label, so anything slash Currency Cadets. Facebook, Twitter, even LinkedIn. We have a LinkedIn group and we also have a LinkedIn company page. So we are populating that right now. The majority of activity just seems to be on Instagram and Facebook right now. But we are slowly reaching out to those folks and we are getting a lot of interest especially through LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been huge. We just have to get everything together. It’s a little more rigid than Facebook because people in LinkedIn they want to do business. They don’t care about the cutie stories, they want business so that’s a lot of fun.

Jessica: LinkedIn I notice is definitely on the rise and you’ll never know who is watching, right? And sometimes it’s going to take you back. So I was laughing because I was connecting two really powerful people together. One is like, “Oh, they are so powerful.” And the other one is like, “Oh, they are so powerful.” Like, you are both powerful why were you thinking like this? I sit here laughing at this and then I get this message from this gentleman. He’s high up to the government in transportation and then he’s like, “Thank you for being a celebrity and such an inspiration on LinkedIn.” I’m sitting here and thinking, “What?” You know, so I was thinking the same thing. You just never know who is watching and the power of anything like that.

Tony: Right, for sure.

Jessica: You’ve done an amazing job with branding Currency Cadets. I know it will keep growing and spreading by word of mouth. I’ve even referred some people to you as you and I have that conversation. People are actually launching their own crypto which is really exciting. So Riches in the Niches I dive into my deep blueprint of how to make it happen. Any other advice that you have for anybody who wants to niche in a particular area?

Tony: For sure. One it’s got to be something that you would do for free if money wasn’t an issue. Because in my other endeavors I was able to do this for free even though it took a lot of time and some branding with myself and my designers and everything. My main focus is making sure that I have a service or a product that will serve the people that people will use. And we talk about it, we showcase those with Cadet Connect so find a way, I guess in your words, wow someone, and then they will tell someone, and then that someone will tell someone else. So find something that you’re passionate about doing that you would do for free if money was not involved. And then figure out its value, don’t price yourself out of the market and then just go knock them dead.

Jessica: That is perfect. I was talking with a real estate agent in about branding her and I found that she was very passionate in this one niche. And I am sitting here you’re doing it for free so why not niche yourself in it, right? It’s something you need to do. I love making a difference in people’s lives and I want other people out there to do. I just say just wow one person a day. Can you imagine Tony if we had a thousand, ten thousand people out there just wowing one person a day and just the domino effect.

Tony: Or if one person was wowed by someone else 365 days in a year. How much more optimistic that individual would be. You know, paying it forward. That would be an amazing place to be for sure.

Jessica: Yeah, that’s what I love. I say everyday when my two feet hit the floor. I learn this from a friend of mine, I am out there to empower and change, wow one life. So my goal is to get at least one person per day to say wow, and it is a positive wow.

Tony:      Right.

Jessica: It’s wow not wild. Why people are thinking wild lately. I’m like, “No, it’s not wild, it’s wow.”

Tony: WOW, yup, there you go.

Jessica: And you do a great job at that Tony.

Tony: Well, thank you.

Jessica: Currency Cadets everyone and I am proud of your for Riches in the Niches, niches in the riches, however you want to say it so. I am proud of you, Tony. We’ll keep the conversation going. And my goal is for anybody in here please reach out to Tony if you have any question about crypto because I know it’s a whole other beast and I am studying it and I don’t have all the answers. Have an amazing one Tony.

Tony: Thank you so much.

Jessica: Thanks Tony, bye.

Tony: Bye bye.   

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