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Jessica: Hello everyone, Jessica Peterson here over at Simply WOW Agency. Today’s episode for WOW Power Players, I have the amazing Genesis Krick. Hey Genesis!

Genesis: Hi!

Jessica: Well, I am grateful. We’ve been Facebook friends for quite a few years all due to the great Garry Barnes who was my amazing coach and taught me the secrets on how to get what you want. I love teaching others the same thing, so your website is and I know you speak on a wide array of topics and you’ve got so much wonderful knowledge. And today’s topic we’re going to go ahead and cover about how to stop feeling like that hamster on a wheel. And I am so grateful you read Create the Perfect Day, one of my books on productivity, and you shared my planner the Create the Perfect Day Planner, so grateful and you know all the hearts and likes and everything. I want to say thank you for that. But can you please, for our fans and listeners, share a little bit of who you are before we dive into your secrets.

Genesis:      So I am a busy mommyprenuer. I have three children – two boys and a girl, and I am just incredibly blessed first and foremost. I love being a mother. I love what I do. And I also have a deep passion for helping other women entrepreneurs to succeed. I’ve been blessed with a lot of different types of experiences though at that time it may not have seems like the best thing because I didn’t know exactly why I was going through it. But when I did I learned so much from it and was then able to apply it to help others. I’m sure many of the listeners can relate to going through something very difficult and then being able to speak upon it.

I love to be able to help women entrepreneurs get outside of their comfort zone and make some adjustments in their lives. And that can be really really challenging because we can be used to the day to day of just going through the progressions, taking care of our kids, doing the laundry the dishes, all of those things and just really doing it at a quick pace. You know as quickly as we can and just going through the day and feeling like we don’t really accomplished anything.

So my goal is to help women to get really clear on what exactly it is that they want so that they ultimately can have that time freedom to be able to seize those goals every single day because that’s important. We want to feel like we’re succeeding. We want to feel like we are progressing. We want to feel like we are making a difference in the lives of others so with a lot of different strategies that I’ve created women are then able to create very positive changes in their life, so that they can ultimately have that freedom and fulfillment that they have been seeking for so long.

Jessica: Well, I am so grateful you are here for a lot of mommyprenuers out there. I know you’ve got a great group coaching mastermind type style for women and network marketing, like do it yourself crafts which I am horrible at, you know clothing boutiques, things in that nature and how wonderful you are there because I remember. I’ll share a quick little story with you and probably you’ll get a humor out of this. I remember my husband was a stay at home mom, so I was a career woman, and I’m still am. So after two years, he goes, “This is the hardest thing ever.” He goes, “I am going back to work.” And I was thinking, “What?” So I was kind of drawn into that balancing everything and it can be challenging, it can be done. You know, my daughter is way much more girl now so it’s been in a while since I’ve been in there but I am very grateful that you’re there. Because I remember there were days like, “Oh my goodness, this is insanity.” You know, it is 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and you’re working. And how wonderful that you’re there, and hopefully you’re using my book Create the Perfect Day. So at least you’re there to help them structure that balance in their day. So Genesis what would you say is the number one secret that you have for your clients?     

Genesis: Number one secret? Well, I think the number one secret is to help them realize what their potential is. I’ve recently written a book called Unleash Your Potential and I go through a series of different types of strategies, and one of those strategies is helping them to create I Am statements, and if you can create 10 I Am statements at the beginning of your day and look at those. It’s kind of like a call to action for yourself. You are declaring this upon yourself every single day. So I don’t want to say you have to write them out every day but just write them and then something that you can look at.

So first and foremost when you wake up in the morning you can see these statements and see this is who I am, this is what I’m worth, this is what I am able to do. So making that declaration upon yourself the moment that you wake up, you know, you put your feet on the floor and you stand up out of your butt. If you can put that on your mirror or wherever it is but just somewhere in your vision that you are going to be able to see that right away, and just look at it, and remember who it is that you are and what it is that you’re doing, and what your mission is. And I think for so many of us we get up in the morning and we just are ready to go and get everything done so quickly without taking that time to really think about what we want to achieve in that day. And I think if we remember who we are. One of my statements, “I am a child of God”, “I am an amazing mother”, “I am happy wife” You know, all of these statements are very very important to remember about myself to have a successful day. So if you are looking at those everyday it’s going to ultimately change you actions that you’re going to be taking. So setting the tone for the day and making sure that you are aware of what those meant to you and then your whole mindset can be changed the more that you look at them.

So I think we can get so wrapped up, you know, we’re talking about being a hamster on a wheel in just doing our day to day task without truly thinking about what it is that we’re actually doing in those moments, like the intentions behind it. Our personal why in other words.

Jessica: I am glad you brought that up because a lot of people step back and you know, “What is my purpose? What is my why?” One of the biggest things I’ve noticed is people sometimes panic when it changes and I’m sure you would agree with me we get permission for people to go, “It’s ok to panic and have that change”, and things in that nature. And I love about the I Am statements and you said to write it out. A lot of people have asked me in regards to my planner and you know a lot of people call it an action book my Create the Perfect Day, why do I have to write it out versus the digital. Now, I do use Google Calendar, right, I do and it syncs. And it is proven and this something I teach how to get what you want, it is proven scientifically when you write something out it goes to different part of the brain, right?

Genesis: That’s so true and it’s just, I feel like there is something that happens to you when you actually put it on in paper. There is like a sense of accomplishment with that versus just like you said digitally putting it in your phone or saying it. There is power in declaration but if you are actually intentionally writing it out and you’re looking at it you are fully engaged in that process. And I feel like the more that you can write, the more that you can journal, and show basically what type of progress you’re making if you are setting your goals and you’re writing them down. And you see where you’re at a year ago from where you’re at now if you are consistently doing that. There is going to be a lot of changes that’s going to take place.                

Jessica: I absolutely love it that you mentioned that and then you know creating the perfect day and going through your routine like you said the first thing in the morning. You know I’ve had some clients the first thing they love to do is to hit their button for the coffee maker. I’m thinking where though I get one of those. Or some say cuddle up their dog or the love of their life. I’ve had people say, “Wow, I realized I didn’t like my curtains. I didn’t like where my bed is.”, so going through that whole action, creating the action. You know me I don’t like the word to do, it’s actions. And so you might get a kick out at this recently I had some friends say we’re going to Napa. We need someone to watch our two little girls for the weekend. And I am grateful that they trust us to do that. And one of them, her phone pop up right next to me this alarm or alert and I looked at it and it says, “Reminder: I am awesome.” How cute and cool is that, right, to even have a reminder on a girl’s phone. I assume her parents must have encouraged her to do that and what you were saying what the thoughts, my daughter, people always say one of the happiest girl they ever met. And from a young age I always taught her thoughts are powerful. If you think you’re happy, you’re happy. If you think you’re sad, you’re sad. So like you said with your I Am in your book and I want to have everyone know where to get your book too. So yeah, those statements are going to be so powerful, those thoughts are powerful.     

Genesis: Yes, I agree 100%. Thoughts lead to actions, right? So whatever we are thinking we ultimately become. So if we are always thinking positive, we are always thinking about what we are working towards and how we are going to do it. And you know, thinking becomes feeling then becomes acting so it’s all just kind of flows together but it starts up here as you said. So your mindset is just bound up with negativity then it’s going to create a ripple effect. It’s going to basically stop you from all of the other positive actions that you could be taking.

Jessica: Well, I admire you for going after life and living it to the full, and new baby so congratulations. Yehey, the new addition. You are amazing and you are inspiring to probably so many other stay at home moms out there. So, I know if anybody has any questions about your group coaching out there. And then where is the best place to get your book? You want people to go in Amazon, your website? Where you want people to go?

Genesis: Yeah, Amazon would probably be the best. But I have another book as well which is a 60-Day devotional, it’s called Shine On. And then I am also in the process of writing another book which is Audacious Women, so it’s all about brining everything together full circles specifically focusing on mommypreneur. A lot of these tactics that I am going to be sharing in that book will also be in the group coaching program that I am going to be launching in May, and then I am going to have you as a guest of course Jessica in my podcast.       

Jessica: Oh, great! I am excited. Thank you!

Genesis: Really looking forward to that so if any of the listeners are interested in checking that out, it’s called Shine On Women as well. And it’s all about women entrepreneurs sharing their gift and their voice with the world so it’s a really great platform for individuals to get inspired.

Jessica: Thank you, Genesis. I appreciate you and I would love to have you again sometime in the future. And it looks like we might see each other soon too at an event so I look forward to it. Talk with you soon, Genesis. 

Genesis: Thank you!

Jessica: Bye.

Genesis: Bye.     

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