Simply WOW Agency is grateful for all the testimonials regarding their Facebook marketing campaign, Facebook marketing ideas, effective Facebook marketing, social media and video needs. THANK YOU!

Piper Harlow, National Talent Guild

Steve Hakes, Colorado insurance broker celebrity

“The Simply WOW Agency for me has blown me away in the last few weeks and I haven’t even realized its full potential yet. I took Jessica’s Facebook course back in November. I’ve met more people online in a few short months than I ever would have in one of those networking groups. Not only that, but the people I’ve come across are genuine and absolutely amazing, and would never have met them otherwise! My February sales month started on January 21st, and I’ve already got $12,633 in sales on the board in 8 days with more than $10,000 in quotes to close, and the referrals are still coming in! My mind is already thinking of a new sales position simply by utilizing Facebook and the principles Jessica taught in her course. If you’re riding the fence about Facebook’s potential, I was skeptical at first, but you will be completely surprised by the revenue it’ll generate for you. Thank you, Jessica!!”

(After receiving this, we received another one from Steve saying his first 15 days he generated over $32,000!)

Mike Fritz

 "Jessica is a social media genius. If you want to stop wasting time and money on social media, you have to listen to Jessica. She isn't like most social media coaches...she actually has fruit on the trees and is helping tons of people increase revenue and impact on social media."

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Viveka von Rosen, Linkedin Expert

"Jessica Peterson is my go-to person when I can't speak at an event, my go-to Facebook person for anyone who needs Facebook training and my go to social implementation person when one of my clients needs more than I can offer. Her creativity, diligence and expertise really separate her from the pack.  I will continue to use her and refer her as long as we are both helping out clients through the use of social media marketing!" 

Ray Steele Jr. from friendlypawnshop.com

"Online attention has accounted for 80% of first time customers. It's working!"

From Natalie with ICA

Watch this video to see what Natalie with Investment Centers of America had to say after we went in and trained the entire team on effective Facebook marketing.  The ideas and implementation created the best Facebook marketing campaign EVER for them.  

Deanna L. Robinson, Personal Impact Foundation

Thank you Jessica Peterson for the many blessings you bring to my life.  I am grateful that eWomen Network brought you in as a speaker.  I knew instantly that you had substance, and your kindness on almost a daily basis causes me to sigh (WOW).  You blow me away.  

Gary Barnes, The Breakthrough Business Coach

I just finished a fantastic social media marketing session with Jessica Peterson.  She is simply brilliant and I highly recommend anyone that wants to increase their social media results to reach out to her fast.  

Angie Scheribel, Plans to Prosper Web Design

Working with Jessica has really changed everything for me.  She has helped me to FOCUS and strategize on what matters most.  She is amazingly knowledgeable and has an amazing heart to serve her clients.  I would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone wanting to grow their leads and business.

From Speaking Engagements

Here are some of our celebrities, aka raving fans, after Jessica spoke at a Women’s Event.


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