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Jessica: Hello everyone! Thank you so much for joining us. This is Jessica Peterson with Simply WOW Agency. It’s simple, you wow people, your business grows and you have wow prosperous life yourself. And today I am so excited because we definitely have a wow power player Debra. Hey Debra!

Debra: Hey Jessica, so good to see you.

Jessica: We’ve known each other for so many years and you’re such a gem. I really admire you and today I’ve even learn something else about you. I think that is so incredible. So you’re this gifted copywriter and today we’re going to talk about communication on a website that converts for results. That’s really, you know, one of my other trainings Riches are in the Niches, that’s part of your niche and that’s brilliant and what I’ve learned is you’ve been doing this since 1989.

Debra: Yes, I know, it’s interesting. I mean, I am proud to say that but whenever I say it I feel really old.

Jessica: Well, you start at one, when you’re writing. Start at one. We should hear some of your secrets how you look so good. So today I am grateful that you’re here to deliver value for anyone listening. And so many people miss on a website how important is it to communicate because if you have someone going there, you don’t want them leaving, correct?

Debra: Correct. Well, what you really want people to do and the reason they will stay is if you have a message that resonates with them. People say, “Oh, I just want a short copy. I don’t want to say a lot because people are so busy.” My theory is if your content resonates with the viewer, they will stay, they will read because they are going to read it and go, “That’s me. That’s me. Jessica really gets me.” “Oh, wow! Now I should click now that email button or the buy now button.” So the message that you share is really important.

Jessica: I love that. I spoke, you know I travel and speak, I spoke 2 days ago and it was amazing this woman came and she said. She has many companies very successful. I look you up online in your website. I love what I saw. I am here to tell you, I am here to hire you.

Debra: Well, awesome.          

Jessica: I really appreciate that and you’re an amazing human being I can tell. I am getting ready to speak so let’s have our conversation afterwards, let’s talk later. And now we’ve started working already together. It’s just incredible.

Debra: That’s fabulous.

Jessica: Yes, so I really stress that because it is important to communicate. We’re not here to serve everybody, right? You really want to communicate to your ideal client and attract them to want to work with you. What secret sauce do you have to share with people?

Debra: When I talk to people about it I say it’s really not so secret. But I think most people know what they need to know but they don’t realize that they know it. And you said it just now, one thing they need to-There are three things they need to know before they do any marketing, before any copywriting, and one of them is, who is your audience? Know who you are talking to. And I had people, “Well, my audience is women.” Ok, which women? Are they 18-25 or are they 45-60 because you’re going to talk differently them. “The women who want to lose weight.” Ok, are they women who want to lose less 5 pounds because they are getting married in three months? Are they women who just had a baby and want to lose that baby weight? So as we are talking earlier before we got on the video. You know, if you can narrow that down then you can speak more directly to that person. Some people are going like, “Yeah, but you know I can help men too.” And I am like, “Well, that’s fine.” Your content can still talk to the women because probably what will happen is just an example: A woman does your program, goes home and her husband says, “Wow, look at you, you are looking great. Maybe I should do that”, and so he calls you. Doesn’t mean you have to say, “No, I only work with women.” But as the word gets out about the great work that you do I think people can come to you. It doesn’t mean you have to turn them away but stay focused, you’ll find you draw more attention because people resonate with that message.

Jessica: I love that and so you and I have that conversation about branding. I’ve worked with companies who say, “Well, our ideal client is the male”, so on the flip side. And then I sit there and think, “Well, your logo, because we create logos, your hot pink or I’ve seen bright purple is probably not the best.” Really, it will attract male? And it’s so amazing. So I love that’s number one, what is number two?

Debra: The number two is what is your product? What is it that you’re offering? And some people go, “Well, that is so obvious.” But I will say this, when I first started my business I was writing a brochure because it was long enough for the internet. And I have a lot of questions I ask people before I start writing because I don’t know what they do yet and this one client said, “Debra, if I knew the answers to your questions I wouldn’t need you to write this brochure. I could write it myself.” And I’m like, “Well, I am not a mind reader so I can’t write about what you’re offering unless you fill me in on it.” So what is your product? We say WIIFM, What’s In It For Me? What are the benefits of the product that you’re selling and how is it going to help people? And when I say product it could be a service, it could be a program. It doesn’t necessarily to be something physical that you hold in your hand. But you are there to solve someone’s challenge or issue so how does your product or service do that, so that would be number two.

And the third thing you and I were also talking about earlier, what is your message? I call it your magnetic marketing message. So the simple formula for that- and now there’s four steps: is I help (blank), and you insert who is your audience. Then you say, do get or gain (blank) and you insert a benefit. Then, even if (blank) and that’s going to be your challenge or an obstacle they’re facing, and the final one is so that (blank) and that will be another benefit or solution, and the so that part can go on and on. What I really try to stress with people is you don’t have to fill up this formula and then robotically say, “I help realtors do get or gain…” It’s just to help you gain some clarity so that it start to become more natural so I could say something like, “I empower independent business professionals to communicate their marketing message in a way that helps them captivate and convert their prospects into loyal, raving fans.” Even if they are struggling how to get those ideas into words so that they can attract a steady stream of happy clients, so that they can grow their business, so that they can live a lifestyle that provides them with flexibility, fun and the freedom to do what they love. So you can see the “so that” can go on and on. But once you start to play with that you gain more clarity that, “Oh, this is my message”, and you can start to test it and see what resonates with your audience.

So you have who’s your audience? What is your product or service and what is your message? Those are really three important things before you ever get started. Would you agree? I think you would agree.

Jessica: Oh, absolutely, absolutely. So Debra let’s, can I share with everyone you’re a former real estate agent, right?

Debra: Yes. I am actually inactive. I still hold a license and being active on the State of Hawaii.

Jessica: Oh, well I’ve never been there, but I love Hawaii. It’s on my life list.

Debra: It was my home for 10 years.

Jessica: Oh ok, well fabulous. We should have an offline conversation. Now, let’s just use real estate for example. Because that’s one of my main tribe that I coach and guide as a business professional marketing coach. So when we look at the real estate agents, so many consumers tell me, “Jessica, we’re so sick and tired of real estate agents say, ‘Hire me to help you buy and sell.’” Well like you said, what is going to set you apart and really dive into your messaging because you’ve got to answer the WIIFM. I love to call it WIIFM, the What Is It For Me. Do you have any cool success case studies or stories to share with us?

Debra: Well, you know, I speak to realtors a lot too. I do marketing workshops with them and LinkedIn workshops. And one of the things that I tell them when we say who is your audience, they go, “Well, anyone who wants a home.” I’m like, “Ok, but let’s say you are working with buyers. Are they first time home buyers?” Because there is something specific you would say to them. Are they young professionals getting started? That’s something different you would say to them. Are they young families, just starting a family, maybe having their first child? So your audience might be buyers but is there a specific buyer? You know there was a time when the market crashed where people specialized in short sales or foreclosures. So if you really consider hone in on that as a realtor and you could say, “I help first time home buyers understand the frustrating process of being a buyer.” You know, I am just making things up. But then that helps them being more clear and again it goes back to, “Well, I can help anyone?” Yes you can. But you know what? If you do a good job with that first time home buyer or that young professional, don’t you think the word of mouth is going to travel; because one thing we didn’t talk about yet but to me marketing is about building relationships.

Jessica: Oh, absolutely.

Debra: When I speak to groups I do a little demonstration and you know it’s not about going out networking and handing of your card and saying, “Hi Jessica, here is my card.” It’s about, “Hey Jessica, do you live in Florida? Where in Florida? Do you have family, do you have Kids?” It is learning about who you are and then as you build and nurture those relationships you develop that (KLT) to Know, Like and Trust factor. And for anyone who has read the Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann you will know that they say, all things being equal people do business with and refer business to the people they know, like and trust.

One thing people I think forget or they might go into a networking or even write their web content thinking, “Ok, how can I sell. I need to sell. I need to sell.” Yes, we all need to, we have bills to pay. But if you step back a little bit, go backwards and say, “When did you start this relationship because maybe this won’t be my client. But maybe they can refer mo to somebody. Maybe they become a resource for me.” You and I are talking earlier, “Oh, you’re a copywriter. I might be able to use your service.” “Oh you work with realtors.” So really really remember the relationship aspect. It’s so important. That’s probably one big piece of advice that I give people is, “Don’t just jump in and start… Ditch the pitch”, I say.

Jessica: I like that. And I am so happy your brought that up because one of the trainings I have is how to network effectively and efficiently. And so many people like you said go out there and look every person as an ideal, let’s just use real estate agent, they are going to buy or sell refer to me. No, it’s about creating the relationship, the system, what value, what’s in it for me, you know, delivering that so. And relationships are just so important. I understand SEO, I know you do as well and that’s not my focus. I tell people for referrals I am happy to refer you out because if you look at the time. You know, I am a productivity coach, so when you look at your time with those cold lead you’re going to invest more time versus the warm, the know, like, trust. Plus it’s more rewarding to work with people you know, like and trust. That’s fun.

Debra: Yeah, for sure. You know, it’s so important that people remember that, don’t skip that step because you can come home with a pile of business cards. And even when I do come back with a pile of business cards I’m guessing you might be like this. I write notes on them and I reach out to that person. I don’t reach out unless we had a conversations saying, “Oh, Debra I need a copywriter. Let’s stay in touch.” I don’t reach out and say, “By the way don’t forget I am a copywriter.” I reach out and say, “It was great meeting you at Jessica’s WOW event. I love that we talked about Hawaii. If you have questions about it anytime, let me know.” You know, that’s the relationship building. And it has happened for example on LinkedIn and LinkedIn groups when I still live on [Kauai]. Somebody posted in a group, “I am coming to the island. What are some of the good things to do on the north shore with my kids?” I hate to say it but a fellow realtor got in there and said, “Oh, you’re coming to Kauai. You’re think of living here? I am a realtor I can help you buy a house.” And I was like, if he had probably answer that question with, “You can do this, you can do this and visit this place. It is great.” Perhaps that relationship would have started at some point and perhaps that woman then wanted to buy a home. She would remember John Doe and say, “Oh, he was so helpful when I had that question about what to do with my kids.” Now we want to buy a house maybe she would reach out to him. You know, be careful with your message on how you come across and remember to just build those relationships and hopefully everything will come to pass and take a natural provision without you having to feel like you’re forcing yourself on somebody.

Jessica: Yes, absolutely. I love that. Well, you are amazing and you are a blessing, Debra. Thank you so much for being in this world and sharing your wonderful insights. And maybe if they want to connect with you what’s the best way?    

Debra: Well, my copywriting website is writedirection.com so people can find me there. They can find me at debrajason.com which is my speaking website. And my book, can I mention my book?

Jessica: Yes, of course.

Debra: Then my book which is Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget (millionairemarketingonashoestringbudget.com) Of course, LinkedIn, Facebook, the social networks. You will find me there as well. Thank you for asking.

Jessica: Yes, of course I love being connected with you on social media especially Facebook. Thank you again Debra, and thank you everyone for tuning in and please go out there and wow at least one person today, and be a wow power player, and don’t forget simplywowagency.com/new. Talk with you all soon. Bye.

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