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Jessica: Hello everyone Jessica Peterson over here at Simply WOW Agency with another episode of WOW Power Players. Our company’s philosophy is simple, you wow people, your business grows and you have a wow prosperous life yourself. So today I’m completely honored to have my own editor and publisher the one and only CayZ – Candy Zulkosky here visiting us today. Welcome Candy!

Candy: Thank you Jessica, so very honored and pleased to be here.

Jessica: Thank you! So today, I know we will be going to dive into some juicy secrets on something that people never thought about for a revolutionary business card. It may now apply to all businesses; it definitely applies for I would say speakers, coaches, real estate agents, mortgage professionals. So today we are going to dive in, I know you work with other people, today that will be really our focus today on some of the secrets on a business card that actually creates business. I love this topic, I absolutely love it. I love going on networking and meeting people and connecting and providing value. And Candy I have to say I was completely shocked when I went to networking event where it was like forty some people who went stand up and I was the only one that got us an applause. I thought wow where did that come from, right? So makes me really excited and to get to work with people and companies on how to create that rock star 30 second introduction that creates results. So you are the most amazing editor, publisher, one of the most amazing I’ve ever worked with. So tell us a little bit about yourself and we will going to dive into some juicy secrets in just a moment on editing and publishing.

Candy: Okay short and quick. Well, I am CayZ, the writer of success coach and I really find great joy Jessica, in transitioning writers into authors. People ask me what does that mean. Well, it is really simple, anyone can write, anyone is a writer and we all learn to write as a young child and we choose to use that talent of writing throughout our lives variously. But an author is someone who creates, generally thought of someone who creates a book but in general terms the difference between an author and a writer is that creative process. And that is the real gem that I enjoy bringing out on people is helping them to find that creative spark and then teaching them how to transition from writer to author and then finally to publish them.

Jessica: So why would someone, I remember when people started coming and saying do you have a book, I’m saying this was way too long ago. I used to think I am not a writer and why should I even have a book. This is a long time ago we won’t go there. So why would someone want to have a book?

Candy: There are several reasons. The biggest and I believe the most practical reason is simply because it is a powerful way to position yourself. Being an author, being a writer lends authority, an air of authority. If you are a coach, an entrepreneur, a speaker, a real estate agent, someone who deals with the public on a regular basis, you have a small business card that introduces you but how much can you say on that business card? In a book you can actually present your belief structure, you can present the benefits to someone to would want to work with you, you can present your philosophy in life as well as business, or you can just have a fun and humorous time presenting that. There are so many directions you can go with some information which you can give to someone who would like to know. And here is my favorite part, people don’t throw away a book, so it is always there.

Jessica Yes, I don’t throw away. I like to pay it forward and pass it on, someone because I’m a minimalist. I definitely love to do that. So you kind of gave away the secret it is a book, so when I share my people in networking a business card either has something very valuable on it. It could be, come grab my book here or go get this report here, some power punch, some offering of pure value. And what I love about the book-now we are not talking about a big, bulky book right, it is a smaller book. I’ve received them, I love them and there is one that I looked at in the regular basis from the amazing time we were both have the privilege to work with. And so it’s something that is light that people can carry on. Now can I just say I have received some books where the book is just all about their life story and how great they are and I’m thinking, “What value was this book?” I’m like, “Oh great yeah.” I won’t go into details, so I won’t give it away but for some different people. But you know I would love for you to mention that and I’ve created a secret formula that I’ve discovered and I am not an editor or publisher, which just that secret formula comes the book because my specialty and niche like I said is more the introductions in the business card, that power punch to get people to want to work with you. So for the book what have you discovered that secret formula?

Candy: Well it vary of course depending on who you are, and what you want to write, and how you want to write. There is always value on providing biographic information because people like to be personal, they want to know who you are and connect with you as a person. But there is an actual structure, there is actually a formula to creating a small book, a business card book is what we call it and creating in such a way that it presents you as a person, it presents your business, your model, it presents the strengths of your business. It can also present the weaknesses of your competition and more importantly it presents the marketing value that comes from word of mouth that is testimonials and referrals from existing clients. So you have all of that wrapped in and more and then we also add in there whatever really great stories you have about your business and case studies. All of that goes into a book, into the formula of creating a business card book and it is all concise and easy to digest. Sometimes people think of this as a pitch books or plain books because they are quick and short to read but they have a lot of power and information.

Jessica: I love short and quick with a lot of powerful information where we are all in the go or busy or the ADD mindset. So what I’ve found, what I’ve worked with people is that power headline, that power punch for a title. So really why this book, why would I want to go ahead and dive into reading this book?

Candy: Yeah, that is one of the first things that I do with all of my clients, with all of my writers that I worked with, is that get clear on exactly what it is that you want to say in this book and make sure that the words are generating that power.

Jessica: Absolutely! So having that drawn in the purpose of the book; Like you said a little bit about yourself because they want to feel connected- that authority; why should I be listening to you? Why would I even want to continue reading this book and that connection? I also found having like you said that powerful short information that someone says wow this is so good that they want to keep it or they want to pay it forward and give it to someone else. What are your thoughts or one of your experience with that Candy?

Candy: It needs to be personal and I don’t mean personal, let me rephrase that. The information that you are giving in that format need to be custom. It needs to be truly useful content. For instance, I have a client recently who brought out a book her name was Christine, and her first book was called Wise Eyes, and it is a wonderful combination of her personal story which is compelling, ok? And she is woven into that her actual business philosophy and the trainings that she worked as a speaker, so she has included content from the trainings that she gives and that is an ideal way to package all of that together because it is valuable on three or four different levels.

Jessica: And there are so many different avenues or ways. I’m just going to throw this one out there because once I worked with a real estate agent coming up with powerful information for sale by owners. And you’ve got some really good information that is your information not just copied or everybody else out there distributing, that is really your good information that is valuable. My thought process is for sale by owners is going to be more likely to want to continue a conversation with someone who is an expert on bringing that value to protect that, right?

Candy: Yes. Absolutely, yes! Definitely you want to make sure that you are giving true value in the content of the book.

Jessica: So and then to wrap up the business card book, my thought process is tell them how to connect with you. What is the best way for them to connect with you and continue a conversation? Would you agree or do you have other thought or anything to expand on that?

Candy: I’d be happy to share that I think you are going to be sharing some links at the end of this so I won’t necessary to go all of the links. Facebook is probably the quickest way to reach out to me and we will share that. My website is very simple, it is and again that would in the link so you can pick it up later. For me the best way to reach out to me is to simply start a conversation and you’ll see when you look at my website and you look on Facebook that is where all of my connections are talking to me. Set an appointment, let’s take 10 or 20 minutes and let’s talk and let’s find out what is your goals are and if we are a fit, because honestly not everyone is a fit. I don’t work with everyone, I work with those who come to me, who really and truly whose concepts and values I can share and I can feel like I’m making a difference in helping them to make a difference.

Jessica: I value that about you Candy because I’ve had some people saying, “You know what I don’t have the best information for you this agency would be better.” And people value that, right? I would always put myself in other people shoes and think am I the best agency or someone else. So I was saying though was that flow for the business card book, you know the power punch why should I read it, who are you, so why should I listen to you and some fun facts information, then your knowledge and then how you connect with you right, just like how you shared, let’s start a conversation here is the best way.

Candy: And also go to and get more information about that and that would lead you back to my website as well.

Jessica: My favorite way communicating with you is on Facebook.

Candy: Yes, that is where I spend most of my time, I’m afraid.

Jessica: Or theses video conversations we have every now and then. So one thing I have to ask before we wrap up because I think it is very cool. What is that necklace? You have me totally intrigued, so you said start a conversation.

Candy: This is a hand carved cameo that I used to… Ok, I spent five years traveling the world teaching computer classes on cruise ships and I was very fortunate and lucky to be able to do that and get paid to tour the world and this is one of the treats that I gave myself when I was in Italy. It was hand carved cameo, it is an unusual cameo, I really love it.

Jessica: What is your favorite place you’ve ever been to?

Candy: Tahiti.

Jessica: I haven’t been to Tahiti yet.

Candy: Tahiti is amazing. I go back there in a heartbeat. There are many places I would go back to as well but Tahiti has always stays really high on the list.

Jessica: Oh, I love that. Well, thank you Candy for all you do and especially for you know my books. You’ve been the editor, publisher on my Clear Boundaries and Safety books for women, Create the Perfect Day, Purpose Powered People. It has been such a blessing to have you as my editor and publisher and I know you’ve got some amazing. You know if someone doesn’t want to hire you to do it all for them, you’ve got some monthly type program. It is like under $100 a month you teach them everything from writing, publishing to marketing the book, right?

Candy: A to Z write and publish now, that is a brand new course that just started, it is actually a 12-month commitment and it is really exciting.

Jessica: So I know you say 12-month commitment, but let’s say someone gets their feet wet for 60 or 90 days and it is not for them, you’re cool if they leave?

Candy: Yes of course that is why it is a monthly commitment. It is a monthly investment if you find it is not for you then take what you need and go and that is okay.

Jessica: Awesome I love it. Okay thanks Candy. Thank you everyone for watching the wow power players, as always please pay it forward, share this with your friends and have an amazing day and go wow someone. Talk to you soon, bye.

Candy: Bye bye.



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