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Jessica: Hello everyone, Jessica Peterson here with Simply WOW Agency, another episode of wow power players. I always say, it’s simple, you wow someone, your business grows and you have a prosperous wow life yourself. And today I have a very special guest, a friend, Cindy Beyer, also known as Cynthia Beyer. Welcome!

Cindy: Hi Jessica! Thank you for having me on the show today.

Jessica: I am really excited. So can I share a little bit about you and what I’ve enjoyed about you and then you can expand on it some more for anyone listening.

Cindy: That would be awesome. Yup, go right ahead.

Jessica: Perfect. Well, first of all I know today we’re going to talk about your value and creating that value and the ask for. I know you’re amazing at sales and negotiations and also about the riches in the niches. You have come a long ways in evolving. I met you, wow what was it, five years ago at an event.

Cindy: Yes.

Jessica: Yes, I love that you’re telling everyone that you are a recovering attorney and you look amazing. And I know you’re going to share some secrets with us on that today as well. So I admire you because you really have gone after your purpose and your passion, and we’ll dive into that a little more later. Why won’t you tell us a little bit about you.

Cindy: Well, as you mentioned I am a recovering attorney. I grew up in Northwestern Minnesota in a place as flat as your table top. But that didn’t deter me from all my adventures which eventually led me to climbing to the very tippy top of Mt. McKinley and several other here in Colorado, and doing marathons. And then, having children on top of it all. I am a single mom with two boys. The oldest is just 20 and he is a junior at Colorado, and the youngest will be graduating this May from Columbine High School.

Jessica: Wow, and I know your picking colleges is exciting, huh?

Cindy: We were, it’s like which one is going to be good fit in some ways. Picking a college is almost like picking your spouse. And you’ll never know you might meet your spouse there.

Jessica: I know, I have never even thought of it that way. I’m sure you have lots of advice for single parents when it comes to that. So as I mentioned, first of all let’s go ahead and start with riches in the niches. And I know when you and I started working together I love your purpose and your passion of supporting other single parents out there and professional parents. And you have a wide array of doing that. You are one of my few certified create the perfect day coaches as well. And in that journey, I am so excited that we’ve uncovered, nobody is offering anything, hardly all for single parents let alone professional parents. So tell us about what fueled that and about your books for that too.

Cindy: Well, originally when I first started looking at this area I was focusing on single moms. But interestingly enough all of my single dad friends who were divorced said, “What about us? We need help too.” And the more I sought about it there is just as much assistance and help that single dads need just as much as single moms because in some ways when single moms are struggling with the issues with their sons, single dads are struggling with those the same issues with their daughters. How to make these connections? How to deal with the issues that their daughters have? And so I decided I need to be out there. And my mission is to help both single parents whether they are a mom or whether they are a dad because they need help and each has different issues. And each parent, it doesn’t matter whether it’s the mother or the father, each parent is so responsible and so important in the lives of raising our children. You can’t just say it’s a feminine or a masculine energy. They need both because the truth is when they get out into the work place, when they get into relationships, they have to interact with both sexes, so it’s very important to have those skills.

And as parents we have such a knowledge base if we really start digging into the experiences with our jobs, with our spouses, with our hobbies, with our relationships. There is so much knowledge that we can pass on to our kids that why not give them that best foundation, that best base so that they can be the best kids out there and be successful. At the end of the day you don’t want be bouncing back and living in your basement.

Jessica: That’s so fascinating Cindy, because I saw on Facebook one day that was controversial. A lot of people say, “I want my kid out at the basement.” Some say, “I want my kid always to keep in the basement.” So I’m sure it will be a hot subject. Now, you and I had the privilege of going and had to work on coming with over 50 different topics. Do you want to share some of those topics for single professional parents?

Cindy: Yes, some of them are organization hacks – how do you get more out of you day. Another one is integration when you have financial topics that you need to talk to about your kids. Another big issue is what happens when they go after college and they are 18 because there a number of different legal documents that you really need to be make sure that you have in place as your child goes off to college. And at least in mind, what do you do in filling out the federal financial aid documentation that you need to do. How do you coach your kids in that first job? How do you coach the kids when they come back home and they say, “Hey mom, I am getting bullied at school.” I am so excited to dive into this topics and look for experts to give expertise and then also just spread my knowledge of what I learned over the years because it’s not just me being a single parent. I am the second oldest of 8 kids so in many ways I think that’s why I delayed having kids because in essence I help raised my younger brothers and sisters for so many years.

Jessica: And I really like how you’re going to share your knowledge just like my mission and also you’re going to bring in people like I am because it’s this whole community effort, right? You know, supporting one another. I am all about community. Ok well, and I love about the hacks. I can’t wait even if I’m not a single parent but I still would love to go ahead and learn about your hacks. I had a visual once and I will never forget my daughter, she is a teenager now, but when she was little remember the career and juggling it all, and I remember one day I was on a phone call, and juggling social media, and drinking wine and scrubbing my toilet. I was multitasking, was the best thing possible but that visual I think it was that moment thinking, “What am I doing? Is this talent or is this crazy at this moment”, so I don’t know.

Cindy: It’s a little of each, I’ll be honest, you’re doing it. Sometimes it’s just what you have to do.

Jessica: Exactly. Now that I say hire someone to do the cleaning and that’s what I have done. So there’s a little secret hack. Ok and you’ve evolved. And I have another client right now who’s not going to be on the show. I do want to share a little bit about the story and how it integrates with yours an value for other people listening and watching. So this client came to me and said, “Jessica, here is my service, here is my ideal client.” And as we started diving in the conversions were not happening and I started saying, “Are you sure this is your ideal client?” “Oh, yeah yeah, I don’t think so.” So I said, “What about this being your ideal client and this is why.” And then the light bulb moment went off and now they are thriving. It’s unbelievable, a waitlist. It is just so incredible. So for you, your start out the single moms and the new start realizing, “Ok, it’s also the men too.” And I value that and connect you to some of my guy friends who are amazing single dads. And then we started saying, “Ok, I keep attracting and meeting all these attorneys, lawyers that were women and looking for support.” And I thought we start having this conversation, right, and notice that there was a big gap for the female lawyers, attorneys out there. Do you want to talk about that a little bit?

Cindy: Yes, I have also started delving into helping female attorneys because we have a little bit different struggle when we get into the workplaces as women attorneys. Because for so many of us and it was at least for me, the first struggle was after you graduate from law school, do you dive into your career or do you have kids right away. And then if you do have children how do you make that balance with trying to get the briefs written, getting ready for court, negotiating contracts and trying to make sure that you get the toilet scrubbed at home and the diapers get to, and the meals get prepared because there is so much that keeps coming at you as a parent. As everyone knows no matter what profession you’re in. And I thought, “Well, I struggle with so many of these issues I wonder what other women are doing out there.” Because sometimes, believe it or not, when you are in the workplace whether it’s a private firm or corporate there is a different view when you are a woman attorney.

Jessica: Really?

Cindy: Will you be here when you start to have kids? Will you come back? Will you not come back? How much, do you want to go part-time, do you want to go full time? And how do you get ahead if you want to be a partner in a big law firm? How do you move ahead in the chain if you want to take your career to another to that next level but still make sure that you have balance in your family life and balance with your family, balance with your kids and then balance with your significant other too?

Jessica: Yes, one of my business partners this morning we were talking how one of our former business partner passed away and pretty young. And one thing we learn from that is he didn’t have the balance. And he has such a passion and I value that, I am passionate, you are passionate, so we sometimes have to double check that balance. It killed him. We had that conversation we both agreed just working so much killed him and now like he is not around for his family, so it’s not worth it and that balance is so key. And that’s why I love my book Create the Perfect Day and I was so grateful you love it and love to teach it as well. You know that balance, it’s like driving a car. You have four tires, you get one flat tire you don’t get far. So same with Create the Perfect Day we talked about these four key areas and you got to make sure your balance is in check. So I really value that about you and that you actually get what the female attorneys are going through. You get it. You’ve been there all these years. You know the struggle. And we found a comment, so now you’re creating a system so if any female out there listening. I know Cindy is amazing, paying it forward and saying, 20 minutes share with me your number one challenge and I guarantee you’ll walk away with a planner solution. And how’s that going so far? Because I know you started sharing that expertise with different attorneys.

Cindy: It’s going well and I love to connect with women. Not only do I talk about their challenges. It made me something that I have experienced in my career. I don’t know if we mentioned but I have practiced for 29 years as an attorney and I have done both government, local government work. I’ve practiced in private practice. I practiced in a corporate environment so I’ve got a lot of different experience, and so with 29 years I may have seen just about everything when you are in a legal field.

Jessica: That sounds like a book on its own, and I know you’ve published, so tell us a little bit about that.

Cindy: Yes, actually the first book I published was Blow Your Nose, Pull Up Your Socks: 5 Keys to Successful Parenting. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy read, it’s what we call an airplane book. I have the book. It’s available on Amazon, and there is also a Kindle version of it. And it talks about, I have 5 critical keys of what you need to look for when you are a parent and what you can pass down to your kids. I really felt called to have kids not right away but once I had them I want to make sure that I truly enjoy them. And face it, they are such interesting creatures and they are just a perfect mind meld of you and your partner. It’s amazing what these human being can turn out to be. And then the other thing is that ripple effect because what you teach your kids will go out and ripple in the world and you want to have. Your kids are your legacies so let’s make sure it’s a great one. And then the second book that I was a part of, I wrote a chapter, it was called Dismantling the Glass Ceiling and it was about women leadership. And then the third one was actually one that I got to co-write, write a chapter with you and it’s Essential Women’s Guide on Safety. And if people are struggling with what to get with women graduates whether it’s high school, or whether it’s college, this is a wonderful book for women to tap into, to gift to them so that they can see how to be safe in those environments as they go off to college or as if they go off into the workplace.       

Jessica: Yes, that book. I am so grateful you gave your insight and the other women. And I love the women that right in and say wow. We’re telling other girl friends about it. That one you’re talking about is Clear Boundaries Every Business Woman Essential Safety Guide. Then the other one, I wrote the foreword for it, Conceived to Lead. They are some amazing sources. If you are looking for inspiration that Conceived to Lead, I would say, safety absolutely the Clear Boundaries. And then you heard a book, Blow Your Nose, Pull Up Your Socks; it was so intense in a good way. I was thinking this is powerful for a single parent out there to get out there and get energized. I was worn out after reading that.

Cindy: Yeah, I’ve oftentimes been referred to as the energizer buddy because of all the things that I like to do but I am a person who doesn’t like just sit still and be involved. And right now I’m training for a half Ironman in October. And then on Saturday, I am jumping out of an airplane with my one girl friend to celebrate her 60th birthday.

Jessica: Oh wow! I’ve never done any of those marathons so I highly admire your for that. You remind me of what a friend sent me out. I was laughing so hard it showed Superwoman flat on her back and it said, “I can do anything. I can do anything.” I laugh because and it amazes me how people look at you and say we are the energizer buddies and how do you all these? Well, you and I, that’s what we do. We teach productivity. We want to know how to maximize life and your time, so we share the secrets with that.

Cindy: Yeah, maybe it’s that 50 minutes you just bust out the laundry basket and get them all folded up today. I said, hire someone. Hire someone for that. Ok, and in your book, so one of my books. You know, the Create the Perfect Day I talked about that surreal moment with my husband and I see you and almost didn’t make it and just that whole moment, and then you talk about the moment where you almost lost your life and you pulled through. And I really think when people go through those moments it just does something to you; just gives you this big start.

Cindy: It does because at that moment and it was interesting when you read my book, Blow Your Nose, Pull Up Your Socks, and get on with it. I talked about that time that I almost and it was literally and figuratively I almost die. It was an incident as I was doing an open water swim and it was early in the swim season, and did not realized what I had gotten myself into and how very quickly I had gone down haltering that swim. And realizing if I did not pull myself together, if I didn’t blow my nose, pull up my socks and get on with it I wasn’t going to make it to the opposite shore to get out of that lake and there was no one else around at that point in time. And that was the scariest situation in my entire life being so close to saying, “I’ve got no one but myself to rely on. I have to do this.”

Jessica: I know my heart stop there for a moment. Yeah, because I remember reading about that and it was pretty intense. And our wish is nobody goes through moments like that. Someone privately messaged me the other day because this past month I lost two family members, young and unexpected. And someone messaged me and said I just lost a family member, young unexpected and it completely reminded me of your post. And so really we can always earn more money, lose money, whatever, and I’m all about people earning money. Think of this though, your time, you’re not really gaining that much more. I mean you might be able to do some life hacks and health hacks, but in the end it’s not like you could say, “Hey, I want to buy more life.” Right?

Cindy: Exactly.

Jessica: How are we investing our time and I love when I work with people and like yourself asking is this bringing me closer or farther away from my purpose, my goals, and my dreams.

Cindy: Right, because the one thing that I’ve discovered is you can never ever get that time back. Whether that’s time in a relationship that doesn’t work out, time in a job that doesn’t work out, even time in a hobby or time reading a book. I mean if you’re reading a book and it is not just doing it for you. It’s ok, you can put the book down and you can walk away and you will still survive.

Jessica: It can’t be our books though.

Cindy: No, because our books are so intense. You want to see what happens at the end.

Jessica: I understand what you’re saying. And I like how early you brought up how the kids really pick up on habits. We want our kids to be happy and productive. I shared this before, you know, my daughter, the schools have always said, “She is the happiest kid ever.” And you know, the thoughts, lifestyle, habits, and things of that nature. It is powerful and she made actually some big news. I post on social media one day kind of shocked me, she shared with me, “Mom, three boys asked me out today.” “Oh, we really haven’t have that much of a conversation”, right? And I said, “Well, what did you say?” She goes, “I told them I prefer to be an independent woman.” “Oh, good answer.” Anyhow, I love my husband over 20 years. The point is they do pick up on certain things and may become their own human beings. Do you have any stories like that with your kids, those aha moments?

Cindy: Well, funny you should talk about being an independent woman because I remember recently within those last year picking my oldest a college. And he was having some struggles with dating he says, “Mom, how do you date an independent strong woman?”

Jessica: Well, you can interview my daughter.

Cindy: And you know it is, and my son reaches out to me like, “Hey mom, I need some help with cracking a language on my resume and getting that cover letter written”, as they are looking and searching for jobs. Or how do I do an interview? What are some of things that I need to do on an interview? Or it might be even just taking a look at their papers and saying, “Hey, what do you think about this? What do you think about this concept?” or “Would you come look at my project that I am working on.”

Jessica: And I know there are companies charging like $3,000 on how to interview and you get a job and here you’re going to be giving that information for free. So why don’t you tell everyone really quick, so we’re going to dive in some more deep information and valuable tips. Why won’t you share about your website for the single professional parents?

Cindy: Yes, I’ve created a website for single professional parents and on there I list how to connect with me. I am available as a speaker. I am available as a coach. I am available as a trainer because I have so many different areas that I can assist either the single parents or maybe their companies. Because here is another fact that maybe companies need to think about too is that they have a lot of single parents in there. And if you can make sure that your single parents are happy and productive you will retain those employees a lot longer. And it costs a lot of money to search out and find good employees so give them the resources to be those strong employees and some of the issues that they may be dealing with. 

Jessica: And they will be happier and more productive, so absolutely it helps the company not only morale but also the financial too. Ok, so now since then, again, riches in the niches so you have these two niches and then a third one popped up for you which is really exciting and that is?

Cindy: It is independent pharmacies and I did not realized, you know, truly what an independent pharmacy is of somebody that has their own business, it’s a pharmacy business. It is not associated with a big box or a big chain store and it could have be something that’s stand alone or something that’s inside but it is their own small business. And I was recently introduced to this concept and I thought, what an opportunity to see how I can help them. All of a sudden the opportunities are just flooding in as to how to help independent pharmacies.

Jessica: I love that. So another interview, I had a gentleman he started looking his passion and listening as people kept coming for advice. So I am happy to hear that your niche are on those three and then now you and I dive in working together. You created this package for one of the, actually coupled industries, we’ve created packages and then you shared it with me and then I said, “Oh Cindy you are way undercharging”, and so you’ve already way increased the pricing. So one of the things as I love working with companies I say the value, the ask. You know, don’t be undervaluing yourself and so for you I’m really proud of you for being so open about that and charging more. I’m really proud of you.

Cindy: Exactly. You know, I have a lot of experience and I’m putting it to great use for people and I enjoy getting them to that next level. I enjoy seeing where they can go with their life, where they can go in the future and what more can they do in their lives.       

Jessica: Ok, number one tip that anybody has ever shared with you for business? What was it?

Cindy: I think the number one tip is, never be afraid to say yes, because you will never know where the yes opportunity will go to. It might be someone that walks into your office and says, “Hey, I need a contract drafted for this new business line. Can you help me with it?” And the power of saying yes and where that can lead for increases in your revenue, increases in your contacts and increases in your productivity. It’s one other arrow that you can have in your quiver of success.

Jessica: Yes, so I like that and then I also agree there are times learn to say no, right?   

Cindy: Well, and that’s the other thing. It’s a balance of when you can say yes, and want that opportunity and willing to go for it. And no, it’s not just the right time because that has also happened to me where opportunities have presented themselves to me and I’ve taken to look at it. And once you weigh, because I am a big fan of sitting down and putting the pros and cons of certain opportunities that are presented to you. Is that really the best use of your resources? Is it going to lead you to your eventual goal of where you want to go and if it doesn’t it’s ok to say no, and it’s ok to say yes.

Jessica: Now we won’t go into it too much, so maybe if they want to connect they could talk with you. I know you have a side business. You look great, it is skin care and you are hiring people in your team, you know, make money and look good. Yeah, you look really good. So we don’t have to share your age or anything like that. \

Cindy: Okay.

Jessica: You look really good. You’re like me, we had children later in life. Anyhow, I am so grateful for you and thank you for sharing your wisdom, advice, so anybody listening this please remember riches in the niches and part of that is listening and saying yes and also knowing you value and not undercharging. So whether you work with Cindy or I or another company just please make sure you get a second opinion for that and make sure you’re not undercharging or overcharging too. You know, I’ve had companies who are overcharging, for some that way undercharging for others and that was eye opening. Anyhow, everybody go out there and wow at least one person and thank you for listening and for being a wow power player. Thank you everyone, bye.

Cindy: Alright, thanks Jessica and bye bye.

Jessica: Thanks Cindy. Bye.

Cindy: Bye.

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