WOW is about People and Relationships


How do your clients think of you? Do they say or think WOW when your name is mentioned? In business, each relationship has the potential to be worth 100 Thousand Dollars and more. Simply WOW Agency is a business and marketing agency that dives into creating your plan— a simple, yet impactful plan—to WOW your clients.


What does that look like? Perhaps it addresses regrets. In a TEDX talk, Jessica Peterson explored this subject, identifying the top regret of those who are dying as a wish that they had stayed in better touch with friends. Perhaps for you it’s about increasing word of mouth referrals?

  • Perhaps you are craving inspiration to make BIG things happen in your life and business?
  • Would you like to create the perfect business day for you?
  • Each day you are alive is the perfect day.


Grow Your Business

Simply WOW Agency will guide you to see and address the challenges that are holding you back and blocking the growth you deserve and want. Do you want to:

  • Increase money and time in your company?
  • Discover ways you are losing clients? 
  • Start finding and attracting your ideal client? 
  • Stop wasting time on social media without a clear plan? 
  • Know how to use social media effectively to create the results you desire? 
  • Develop offline marketing strategies to grow and/or keep business?
  • WOW others and yourself? 

We accomplish these actions through a variety of ways:


Business planning: We will develop a plan with you to grow your business. A big part of this is offline and online marketing systems.


Social media planning and coaching: We will create a custom plan for you based on our four fundamental steps to success in social media. A part of this is diving into your online image, identifying if you are you losing customers, exploring how to create relationships with influential people, communicate fast and effectively online, create time management practices so you are not wasting time on social media, and ensure that you advertise effectively so you no longer waste money.


Branding: We will work with you and insure your brand is attracting not distracting your ideal client. This involves a review of your website, social media channels, logos, videos and more.

Prosper in All Areas of Your Life


When you are ready to WOW YOUR life, we are here to assist and guide you to prosper in your business and for yourself.

There are days each of us feels like the hamster in the wheel—running and running and running with the destination always on the horizon. Simply WOW Agency has good news; we relieve that hamster track mindset by providing effective planning. Your business will prosper, so will your life, and the lives of your clients. We work with you to use your time and resources the best way possible.


What would you do with extra time? Our business and marketing plans are cost effective and time effective. As an author of the book Entrepreneurs: Instantly Create 9 Weeks of Time Off! Jessica Peterson is a master of time.


As always at Simply WOW Agency, we take you a step further. Perhaps you will dive into our 6-Figure WOW Blueprint, a tool so effective we’ve renamed it to reflect the power created by our many clients who are growing into 7-figures.


When you work with us, we consult and coach, providing the guidance to take your company to the next level. The founder and some of our coaches are certified 100k Impact Coaches. Do you desire to impact 100k or more lives? Make an additional 100k from social media?


As a certified GET statement agency, we can dive into teaching you and your team members how to GET what you want and desire. This can involve both monetary and personal matters.


For each person with whom we work we reveal what is really important to them and map out their perfect day. Each day you are alive is a perfect day; so do not waste the most important investment you have: your time.


Our clients appreciate the clarity they gain in their life by understanding their purpose and gaining the focus and determination to accomplish what they desire each day. We take it a step further. We create a plan for their business that can include time management. What if you saved one hour a day in your business? That equals nine forty hour work weeks. Imagine what you would do with an extra nine weeks off!

Here is an outline of all the topics we speak and coach on

Planning for Prosperity

  • 4 simple secrets to a prosperous life
  • Dream BIG Digital Board
  • 6 Figure WOW Blueprint
  • How to GET what you want
  • Stop being the hamster on the wheel. Create the perfect day
  • Develop a highly effective business plan that creates results
  • Riches in Niches. Create an ideal client and niche.


Be Seen, Be Known, and Influential

  • Create the best 30 second introduction where people want to connect or work with you
  • How to network with results
  • Email system that increases sales
  • A business card that increases business results
  • A voicemail that delivers a great impression
  • Make the best first impression that creates a buzz about your business
  • How you may be losing business from your website
  • Headlines that convert. How to develop the best headline for blogs, programs, services, emails and more!
  • Rock your body language to increase sales
  • Closing power - Create questions


Social WOW

  • Famous 100k social media blueprint
  • What social media channels should you be on
  • Influential image. Stop losing business
  • Step by step developing your social media brand
  • How to increase word of mouth referrals list
  • Communicate effectively to create results
  • One simple and powerful tip to connect with your dream list of people or companies
  • All about the hashtags
  • Create a buzz on social media (groups and contests)
  • Developing a social media plan, minute by minute. Stop wasting time
  • Video success
  • What ads create results
  • Delivering value on a regular basis


Grow with Systems

  • Systems that outdo the competition
  • Goal setting and retaining
  • Top objections and how to overcome them
  • How to handle an unhappy client
  • Top gifts to deliver and increase word of mouth referrals
  • Avoid being alone in the business world
  • Why are code of ethics important and how does it boost business?
  • Importance of being simple and increase joy?
  • Have a new lead. Now what? Lower chance of losing it
  • Reputation management. How to grab a review.
  • Processing systems-broke down to many
  • Increase productivity
  • Attract quality team members
  • 9 weeks of time off
  • What to delegate and how
  • Celebrate success. Create more joy!
  • Invest with the best. Stop wasting money.

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