What We Do:


We are a consulting and coaching agency for companies who desire to know one or more of the following subjects:

  • Business Planning
  • Branding
  • Productivity
  • Social Media
  • Networking

Simply WOW Agency also designs social media branding and logos.


Pains We Solve:


Business Planning: Business owners who are looking to achieve the next level and want a blueprint to get there. This includes being lost on referrals, sales and how to grow a team.


Branding: We work with people on being seen as the leader in your industry, ones who are unsure how to create a presentation that converts, name products or services, a logo to represent your company, lost on how to create a video, and speaker sheets.


Productivity: People who desire to be more productive and waste less time. Feeling lack of inspiration, like a hamster in a wheel and loss of joy.


Social Media and Marketing: Unclear on your ideal client. Riches are in the Niches. How to communicate on social media to achieve desired results in organic and paid posts. The ASK for business that creates large amounts of referrals. Setting a clear daily plan that is broken down into minutes to avoid wasting time on social media. Desiring more speaking opportunities. Going viral organically online.


Networking: Out networking and not converting into business. Build a relationship and not just go out for coffee. People want to connect with you verses feeling no desire.


How We Are Different:


We have a team that works together to accomplish what you desire. The Founder and coaches we bring into our company are certified 100k Impact Business Coaches. They are certified in teaching you how to GET what you want developed by Gary Barnes International. Our coaches even have had marketing agencies as clients. Our coaches have experience in working with start-ups to established agencies. Many have said we are inspiring!

We offer a WOW Power Players certification package for our clients.


Meet the Founder

Jessica Peterson is the Founder of the Simply WOW Agency and Customer WOW Project. She often shares how even as a young girl, her Barbie had a career and volunteered. Their schedule and finances were mapped out. Committed to life-long learning, Jessica has a passion for numbers and simplifying processes. This is no surprise because she excelled and skipped ahead in math courses at school.

After a 20-year career in the banking and financial world, Jessica stepped into her dream and created a Business and Marketing agency niched in Branding, Business Planning, Networking, Social Media and Productivity to provide a positive impact for the businesses she served and also for their clients.

Jessica’s background is banking, mortgage and financial/insurance. She constantly won top sales and employee.


As an author, Jessica has 7 books currently available. Create the Perfect Day, Create the Perfect Day Planner, Purpose Powered People, Forty and Wiser: Remarkable Insider Secrets from Women 40 and Wiser, and the previously mentioned Entrepreneurs: Instantly Create 9 Weeks of Time Off! are the five most recent.


Jessica has collected many accolades, including awards for top Sales, Employee, and Women. She is a certified 100k Impact Business Coach and was a TEDx Speaker. After many years of experience and testing social media, Jessica developed a proprietary plan of action to grow your business on social media. She used this simple plan to grow an affiliate team of over 3,000 sales associates worldwide in only one year and was selected as top speaker and trainer out of 260,000 people.


Jessica guides Simply WOW Agency to serve these industries:

  • Coaches
  • Mortgage Professionals
  • Real Estate Agents and Agencies
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Financial Advisors
  • Contractors
  • Companies who have innovative solutions to serve and positively impact lives

Are you ready to WOW people, grow your business and have a prosperous life? Then we are the business and marketing agency for you. Connect with us today!


We work in a group setting or one on one with companies. There are packages starting at one hour consulting or coaching upwards of 1 plus years. For a full list of Services Go Here.

Connect with us today for a complimentary call up to 20 minutes to discuss your biggest challenges. We will develop a clear plan for you to achieve what you desire.

Fast forward to today, these are some of the rewards and recognitions Jessica has received

spirited women

She was awarded the 2015 Top 12 Spirited Women Award

dr. shellie

2015 Top 100 Women In The World, Awarded and Featured in Common Threads - Dr Shellie Hipsky. 

Best Selling Author

International Best Selling Author




Built an affiliate sales team to over 3,000 people in just one years time.  

  • Created a clothing line with interest in ordering 100,000 in 30 days  

Created some of the best relationships with people around the world through social media 

TEDx Speaker